Watch Bajaj Dominar 400, KTM Duke 390 trying to race Royal Enfield 750 cc – Guess who wins?

Two new videos have been posted on Youtube. One video shows a Duke 390 rider chasing the new RE, while the other video shows a Bajaj Dominar rider trying to do the same. Guess who wins.

Royal Enfield P61 (codename), a new twin-cylinder motorcycle with a displacement of around 750 cc, has been in the making for some time now. The motorcycle is currently being tested extensively on Indian roads. The new motorcycle which is designed to target a global audience, is expected to be ready for the market sometime in 2018.

Every now and then, spy shots and spy videos of this upcoming Royal Enfield 750 cc motorcycle are being shared online. Now, two separate videos have been posted on YouTube, where the respective riders, on riding a Bajaj Dominar and the other riding a KTM Duke 390 try to catch up with the Royal Enfield 750. Surprisingly, both fail. Watch the videos below.

Surprisingly, even after touching speeds of over 155 kmph, the KTM and Bajaj Dominar riders are not able to come close to the Royal Enfield 750. The KTM Duke 390 rider only manages to come close when the RE rider slows down due to traffic. This video proves that the new RE 750 is going to be really fast, and will have a top speed exceeding 170 kmph. Though, in initial acceleration, KTM rider manages to beat the RE rider. The video comes as a pleasant surprise. A Royal Enfield production motorcycle that can do a speed of over 170 kmph. Who would have thought of that.

The new Royal Enfield motorcycle is expected to be available in two body styles. It is intended to rival popular middleweight models like Harley Davidson Street 750, Triumph Bonneville, etc. We expect the new RE to cater to the European A2 license holders and hence would have a power output less than the statutory limit of 48 PS.

More specifics about the project is not known yet. Siddhartha Lal, MD and CEO of Eicher Motors (RE’s holding company) has moved to the UK for a year to keep a close watch on the motorcycle’s development process. Though the model could be sold in India, Europe and US would be the key markets. It’s to be noted that the company has established a wholly owned sales and marketing subsidiary at Milwaukee, Wisconsin (US) – right in Harley’s home turf.

In addition to the Royal Enfield P61, bigger and better versions of the Classic (codenamed D41) and Thunderbird (codenamed D61) are also in the pipeline. While the newly launched Himalayan is purpose built for the Indian market, the upcoming middleweight motorcycles will be spearheading the company’s global operations. Royal Enfield’s long term objective is to dominate the global medium displacement (250-750 cc) motorcycle market.