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Royal Enfield Bullet that runs on cooking oil – Mech Engg FY project

Besides reduced cost and emission levels, the students of Kochi also show the way to recycle, reuse waste.

As a part of the student’s final year project, 4 students from Kochi, Athul Geo, Rahul CV, Ajin CM and Raveen Kumar have shown how a Royal Enfield Bullet can run on used cooking oil. While over used cooking oil is usually thrown away, these students have put it to good use finding a solution to high cost of petrol and diesel, increased vehicular pollution and ban on old diesel-run vehicles.

The entire project took them over 7 months but ended on a positive note bringing name and fame to the students of Kochi. The students were faced with many constraints with regard to availability of used cooking oil and procurement of Methanol, which is also a key ingredient, but the end result was a success.

Royal Enfield Bullet runs on cooking oil (2)

Though the cost of fuel they made out of used cooking oil worked out to INR 76 per liter, the students surmise that if it is made on a large scale, costs would come down to as little as INR 36 per liter. They put this fuel to use on a Royal Enfield and studied the effect over a few days and noted the drastic reduction in pollution levels.

Following its successful run, the students proudly added a new Royal Enfield logo that read – “REduce, REuse, REcycle”. The student team is now being approached by companies asking them to do this on a large scale.

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