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Royal Enfield Himalayan first reported crash – Photos

Royal Enfield Himalayan Accident

Front suspension has completely come-off.

First showcased in February, Royal Enfield Himalayan was launched in India last month among much fanfare. An affordable adventure tourer, which claims to give an all-round solution to your touring needs, is also priced rather aggressively, at just INR 1.55 lakh, ex-showroom. All in all, a fantastic package.

But at the same time, new Royal Enfield bikes have been criticized over quality issues. To make matters worse, there are a few photos circulating around the internet which claims to be of first reported crash of Royal Enfield Himalayan.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Accident

Royal Enfield Himalayan Accident

The said accident has reportedly taken place in Chennai. Himalayan and a Honda Dio crashed head-on at over 50 kmph. Both vehicles have suffered considerable damage. Both riders are believed to be safe.

What is interesting to note here is the fact that the front suspension of Royal Enfield Himalayan has completely broken and detached itself from the rest of the bike.

Though this in no-way puts a question mark over the reliability of RE Himalayan as it was an accident and we do not know the exact cause, speed, type of impact, and other such vital details. Readers who have more information about the accident, please share details in the comments section below.

Apart from the suspension breaking in the above images, Himalayan was also in the news previously for a similar issue. The foot-peg of Royal Enfield Himalayan broke off when CS Santosh was testing the bike. The same was shown in their first official promo video of Himalayan.

Initially, Royal Enfield tried reasoning the blooper by saying that it was a test bike and not a production ready bike. (Does that justify to have such foot pegs on a test bike?) Anyways, the company later removed the video from their official Youtube channel, but not before it was consumed by the internet.


Royal Enfield Himalayan – Photos


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  • Asif Mohammed

    As expected. No suprises here. Royal Enfield parts are not half bad as compared to Bajaj Auto.

    • Rohit Khanna

      Bajaj does not labels its bike Himalayan or adventure tourer. RE is for hard core biker & they expect a hard core bike. You get what you pay for.

      • Balamurugan Jeyachandran

        I think you forgot Adventure sport term mentioned by Bajaj for a bike that doesn’t fit for an adventure ride….the great AS200 😉

        • Rohit Khanna

          Don’t go by names..So an Ignitor would ignite something…ThunderBird should be a bird then 😛

  • Mohd Asim

    What the hell is this ?
    If these types of issues continues , don’t you think that the image of the R.E. will be affected ?

  • Hannan Ahmed

    Rizvi Rohit Dahiya thoda wait kr…let them recitify any seepages if any

  • Gowtham Unique

    RIP Himalayan..

  • Uzair Khan

    Built like a gun 😀

  • Ahamed Sajideen


  • Harjinder Singh Saini

    Thats y originals r best hail 350 standard royal Enfield

  • Chandan Hulawale

    Flop bike of the year 2016

    • Delhite

      Delivery period has gone from 1 month to 4 months now. Lets see by year end.

      • Kuldeep singh

        I got delivery today itself

  • Raghav Jha

    looks like a high speed collision, and so this has happened. We can’t
    blame any brand without clear investigation of the accident.

  • Sachin Prabhakaran

    1.8lakhs vs 60000……

    Atleast rest of the bike’s body hasn’t changed… So i think there is some quality in himalayan

  • Jagan Valentino

    great quality by RE

  • Manoj Alois Schwarzenegger Gov

    The front forks have 200mm travel thats great but the r&d and design team should have made the front forks much thicker like one found on classic 350/500.who cares about travel when the forks r not strong enough to take some damage.

  • Nothing surprise…..if it doesn’t break into pieces, then it would be a surprise. Not sure about this accident , RE suffering from quality issues.
    Wish the riders are safe.

    • Hardik Vyas

      judging bike’s reliability from an accident pics is not wise. Any bike will break into pieces in accident. I just saw a triumph in 3 pieces at Ahmedabad last week.

      • Rohit Khanna

        If its mentioned as accident at 50kmph then its a issue @Hardik. None of the bike will break such a way at 50kmph

      • Iam not judging from the accident. thats why i said i doubt this. but in general its pathetic in quality.

  • Chinnu Anand

    And this image too is taking over the net 😛 fixing Himalayan Tyre Puncture.

    • Delhite

      Funny !!! Bike has been enough tested for endurance. Though RE never claimed it to be waterproof, this rider wants to proof that as well… People are thrashing these bikes on account of Test Rides.

      • Rohit Khanna

        Well what about the foot peg issue when CS Santosh was doing a test ride. Morever people will buy after a test ride only. A bike which is not handling test ride how can it handle real life abuse.

        • Balamurugan Jeyachandran

          Not many dealers allow that. I had been denied many times by Bajaj Probiking showroom for Duke 390 and RC 390 test rides…At least this is better

          • Rohit Khanna

            Look out for a better dealer..

  • Atharv

    Look at the damage to dio… Himalayan no damage to body though!

  • Delhite

    Himalayan handled it pretty well. Good Job RE.

  • db

    The front rim doesn’t look bent, yet the forks got ripped off. Hmmm…

  • Srinivasan Vijayan

    oh sad.. dio dashed hill

  • pranav shet

    Nothing has happened to frame or body of himalayan which suggesrs great build quality. It is far better than low quality rs200. People are just exagerating the fact of this crash. Not a single part of himalayan is bent which signifies great built quality. Even suzuki gsx will break in to pieces if crashes at higher velocity.

    • The impact looks like from front, then how can u expect bend in chassis. if it happens, then RIP for the brand himlayan. But for sure the chassis would have bend a little, if they do the checkup.

  • Shiyas Salim

    company should seriously think abt the safety measures.. i thing they didnt undergone crash test yet.

  • Balaji Suresh

    Front fork height has to be little down since it faces huge impact or they should increase the width and quality of fork

  • Justin Kaangeyan

    this doesn’t even withstand the collision with scooter in city roads
    how come it is HIMALAYAN. Touring cruiser ? Loosing faith with my love
    brand Royal Enfield.

  • Sanjay Handu

    forks normally bend on impact…..completely snapping off is strange

  • Jay Ghormade

    no quality work only taking money HOPELESS

  • govindmk1992

    If both, d Dio as well as the Himalayan were travelling at 50kmph then the net velocity of impact becomes 100kmph (Relative velocity in head on collition becomes 50 + 50 = 100kmph). Now I don’t think that RE should be blamed for what happened.