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Royal Enfield Himalayan foot peg breaks in promotional video

The new Royal Enfield Himalayan has been demonstrated in a new promotional video just ahead of launch. Tested at the Big Rock Motopark in Kolar and put through the motions on off road terrains, this is a completely new RE motorcycle. Tests were conducted by India’s supercross and rally-raid champion CS Santosh.

While testing the new prototype, CS Santosh praises the Royal Enfield Himalayan for its all-around ability to take on the trails, adventure riding, etc. While Santosh is talking, the video also shows us the Himalayan being tested in dirt tracks, natural trails, etc.

In one such stunt, when CS Santosh is taking the Himalayan through the dirt track, he manages to take the motorcycle in air, about 3 to 4 feet above the ground. This is an interesting part in the video, as many riders who are waiting for the Himalayan are looking forward to spending time doing such stunts regularly.

When CS Santosh lands Himalayan back on the track after the jump, the bike bottoms due to soft suspension. At the same time it also loses right foot peg. The foot peg gets detached and drops to the ground much to the astonishment of CS Santosh. But, he takes it in the stride and continues with making test runs of the prototype.

Obviously this is very dangerous, and anything could have happened. This is why CS Santosh was testing the prototype and not anyone else. Plus, because it was a prototype, it would not be correct to blame the bike’s quality. But still, letting this sort of thing go in a video which officially unveils RE Himalayan to the world, a big no no.


Slated for launch in India on February 2, some details of the new Himalayan have been revealed. The new Himalayan is developed with Harris Performance and is powered by an LS400, oil cooled, single cylinder engine offering 25 bhp peak power. It sits on 21” wheels and has a fuel tank of 15 liter capacity.

The engine will have a 10,000 km oil change interval while spark plug change is advised at a 25,000 km interval. Features also include telescopic suspension in the front, rear mono-shock suspension, windshield and step seat. It receives a rounded headlight and new instrument cluster with compass and altitude meter along with digital display.



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