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Royal Enfield Himalayan chassis cracks while riding – Rider safe

Criticism of Royal Enfield Himalayan commenced even before the bike was launched when the bike’s initial promotional videos show the right foot peg falling off. The complaints and issues with the Himalayan did not end there and it went on to face multiple such issues and buyers, besides having to contend with quality issues also had to face poor after sales service.

The bike was itself designed for adventure and to be taken across the rough and rugged country side. However, there are many owners who think that the bike is not even good to survive regular daily use inside the city leave alone tackle uneven territory. One such owner has shared the images below, in which he claims that the chassis snapped while he was riding the bike on city roads.

It has been over a year since the Himalayan has been launched. Problems faced by owners range from gearbox failure to paint chipping and blocked fuel pipe. Owners also have to deal with the bike pulling to one side, disassembly of front fork and rusting of components. There is this owner, who claims that the front forks bent and rim broke while he was going at the speed of 40 kmph over a pothole. Watch the video below.

The list of customer complaints include rusting, stalling, electrical failure, fogging of instrument cluster and rear tyre locking. Even as Royal Enfield tries its best to rectify all these issues, the steady flow of complaints makes it difficult to keep track while the bike itself has lost its credibility standing in the market.

The Problems

Below are some of the issues shared by Royal Enfield owners on social media, online forums, including their official website.

The Solution

One of the Himalayan owners, Dhruv Chauhan started an online petition on Change.org to bring Royal Enfield’s attention towards his problems. With the petition already signed by 775 owners of Himalayan, Royal Enfield has officially replied to the petition and pledged to solve all the problems.

Dhruv has updated the petition stating that he has received a call from RE, and had a meeting with Regional Service Manager of Maharashtra and Goa, Mr. Pravin Dusane. In the meeting, Mr Dusane has “promised to take the responsibility of all the problems you are facing. He will get it rectified whether you are from Maharashtra or outside of Maharashtra. He will make sure you all have a problem free bike. There are latest modified parts available now which have solved all the previous problems.”


“I got my bike rectified yesterday and you have to trust me to believe it that the bike is super smooth now.” – Dhruv



For those who are still facing issues with their Himalayan, Dhruv has asked them to mail their problems directly to Mr Dusane at psdusane@royalenfield.com


**Please mention your city , state and mobile number in the Email.**

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