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Royal Enfield Mo ‘Powa’, Dirty Duck factory made custom bikes detailed

As a part of its Wheels and Waves 2016 campaign, Royal Enfield has come up with a couple of factory made custom motorcycles named Mo ‘Powa’ and Dirty Duck.

The Mo ‘Powa’ is a turbocharged Classic 500 which receives extensive modification. RE defines it as a rendition of “dragster-meets-Mad-Max” motorcycle that adds brutish appeal to the Classic without compromising its original beauty.

 The Classic 500 has been modified into a brutish turbocharged dragster with off-road capabilities.

The stance is achieved by lowering the front forks, using an extended version of Continental GT’s swing arm and a custom K-Power rear shock absorbers whose mounting point goes below the swingarm. A fatter rear rim, Continental TKC70 knobbies and a stripped down seat pan with racing foam adds to the character.

The turbocharger comes in while EFI and air-box go out. The fuel gauge has been replaced by boost gauge for added drama.

The Dirty Duck is a rugged old-school looking off-roader with “survive anything” attitude. Based on the Continental GT, the motorcycle’s hand fabricated snorkel highlights its go-anywhere capabilities.

 The snorkel equipped Dirty Duck is a Continental GT with survive anything attitude.

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The Conti’s rims have been retained but tyres have been replaced. RE says that the Continental TKC80 tires are the biggest and blockiest it could find. Aluminium sump guard, added luggage carrying capabilities, hand made seats wrapped in ‘oiled leather’, ‘naturally rusted’ fuel tank, modified air-box, projector headlamps, are the other highlights.

Royal Enfield Mo ‘Powa’ – Photos

Royal Enfield Dirty Duck – Photos


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