Royal Enfield owners with loud exhausts beware - Cops will seize your bike, and break your silencer
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Royal Enfield owners with loud exhausts beware – Cops will seize your bike, and break your silencer

Cops have started cracking down on those Royal Enfield bikers who have installed loud exhausts. They are stopping them on the road, and breaking their exhausts with hammer. Also seizing their bikes.


Following complaints from citizens, citing specifically modified silencers on board Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycles, traffic police in Pune, Mysore, Bengaluru and in some regions of Kerala, have started fining owners. Traffic police are stopping Royal Enfield riders and checking their vehicles for modifications. If these motorcycles are found with loud exhaust notes, offenders are being charged under Section 190 (2) of MVA.

Photo below was shared by Bangalore Police on Facebok. They had to say this – “Special squad of @AcpSe traffic police has seized 11 bikes & fined them after removing their modified defective silencers.”

Changes to the silencer, which causes a public nuisance, attracts a fine upto INR 1,000. In addition to this, traffic cops in Bangalore have started breaking the illegal exhausts on the spot. Below are the photos where a modified exhaust is being removed and being hammered on the spot.

While Bullet owners think owning an Enfield Bullet and modifying its sound as a status symbol, they are oblivious to the sound disturbance it causes. Deputy Commissioner of Pune Traffic Police, Sarang Awad initiated a noise pollution reduction drive last year.

Image – Ajay Acharya

Last July he started this drive for three days. On the first day, 14th July, day 1 of the fine being introduced saw 43 cases being registered, while INR 11,200 was collected while on July 15th 88 cases were registered and INR 17,700 was collected. July 16th saw 49 cases being registered with INR 7,300 collected as fines, bringing total fines to INR 36,200.

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In a matter of three days, a total of INR 36,200 was collected in fines by the traffic police in Pune. This suggests that there are a large number of Royal Enfield users with illegal exhausts. Bangalore Police too is on a drive to remove such illegal exhausts from the Royal Enfield bikes. Traffic police are also on the lookout for garages where these bikes are being modified promising stern action and severe fines against them as well.

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