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Royal Enfield Sales, Exports Breakup June 2021 – Classic, 650 Twins, Himalayan

Royal Enfield Classic 350
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Royal Enfield reported domestic sales of 35,815 units in the 350cc segment in June 2021 with exports of 7,233 units

Royal Enfield sales has noted a YoY de-growth in terms of domestic sales while exports increased substantially. Taking solely about domestic sales in this segment, Royal Enfield sold a total of 35,815 units in June 2021, down 1.90 percent over sales of 36,510 units in June 2020.

Despite lower sales across each of the models, Classic, Bullet and Meteor 350cc models continued to contribute heavily to this segment with Classic sales at 17,377 units in June 2021, down from 22,699 units sold in June 2020. RE Classic 350cc commands a 48.52 percent share.

Of Bullet 350, sales in the past month were at 5,317 units, down 34.42 percent over sales of 8,108 units sold in June 2021. Meteor sales were at 8,770 units while Electra 350 sales dipped YoY by 22.70 percent to 3,137 units. Royal Enfield also has the Himalayan and 650 Twins in this segment with each posting YoY de-growth of 18.08 percent and 34.57 percent to 684 units and 530 units respectively.

There were more promising MoM sales of each of the bikes in this segment. Total sales which had stood at 20,073 units in May 2021 increased 78.42 percent to 35,815 units in June 2021.

Royal Enfield Domestic Sales Breakup June 2021
Royal Enfield Domestic Sales Breakup June 2021

Here it was the Classic and Meteor 350 that noted the most growth at 88.08 percent and 159.85 percent respectively. Bullet 350 sales increased 16.68 percent from 4,557 to 5,317 MoM, while Electra was another leading contributor with 48.53 percent MoM growth from 2,112 units sold in May 2021. Himalayan sales increased 47.73 percent while 650 Twin sales increased by 62.08 percent MoM.

Royal Enfield Exports

A significant growth in terms of YoY exports were noted. Royal Enfield shipped 7,233 units in June 2021, up from 1,541 units exported in June 2020, relating to a 369.37 percent growth. MoM exports however increased marginally from 7,218 units in May 2021.

Meteor 350, 650 Twins and the Himalayan were most in demand in global markets. Meteor exports stood at 2,373 units while 650 Twins (2,414 units) and Himalayan (2,072 units) each noted significant YoY growth.

Royal Enfield Exports Breakup June 2021
Royal Enfield Exports Breakup June 2021

Classic 350 exports also increased from 11 units in June 2020 to 269 units in June 2021, relating to a 345.45 YoY growth. Classic 500 exports dipped 11.22 percent to 87 units and was the only model in the company lineup to post YoY de-growth while Bullet 500 and 350 noted exports of 3 and 15 units respectively. Exports on a MoM basis remained more or less stable with just a 0.21 percent growth with only the 650 Twins posting increased exports while other models saw lower exports

Upcoming Launches

Starting with a next-gen Classic 350, Royal Enfield will be launching new bikes back to back in over the next couple of months. Test mules of the upcoming Royal Enfield have been spied multiple time. Royal Enfield had recently filed the trademark for ‘Scram’, which as the name suggests, would be a scrambler and the new Royal Enfield flagship 650cc cruiser is expected to be called the Shotgun 650 as the trademarked name suggests.

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