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Royal Enfield Sales Nov 2022 – Classic, Bullet, Meteor, Hunter

Royal Enfield sales have declined across the board in MoM analysis – including 350cc to 650cc, domestic and exports

Royal Enfield 350cc Sales Nov 2022
Royal Enfield 350cc Custom By Eimor

If there is one two wheeler brand in India that has a monopoly in retro classic motorcycles, it is Royal Enfield. Manufacturers like Honda, Jawa and Yezdi have tried their hand at this segment and results haven’t been as fruitful.

The brand’s 350cc portfolio includes bikes like Classic 350, Hunter 350, Meteor 350 and Bullet 350. These motorcycles drive sales unlike any other segment for Royal Enfield. This segment sold 65,956 motorcycles last month. In YoY analysis this segment performed very well as it grew 52.16% YoY as opposed to 43,346 units that it sold last year.

Royal Enfield Sales Nov 2022

Volume gain YoY for 350cc segment is 22,610 motorcycles and this segment commands 80.20% of Royal Enfield’s total manufacturing capacity. This used to be 91.15% in October 2022, just a month before. The 350cc segment had sold 74,828 motorcycles that month. MoM sales dropped by 11.86% with 8,872 motorcycles lost in volume.

Royal Enfield 350cc YTD sales stood at 4,79,366 motorcycles, which grew by 65.90% YoY, as opposed to 2,88,956 motorcycles sold a year ago. Volume gained was 1,90,410 motorcycles YoY. Royal Enfield has its fair share of above 350cc bikes including Himalayan, Scram 411, Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650.

Royal Enfield Sales Nov 2022
Royal Enfield Sales Nov 2022

This segment sold 4,810 units last month and sales dropped by 42.10% YoY and 35.06% MoM. Volume loss stood at 3,498 units YoY and 2,597 units MoM. YTD sales for this segment stood at 68,604 units as opposed to 53,898 units sold a year ago in the same period and gained 27.28% YoY. Royal Enfield is bringing new products like Himalayan 450, Scram 450, Super Meteor 650 to this segment to boost sales.

In domestic market, Royal Enfield sold 65,760 units last month. When compared to 44,830 units sold a year ago and 76,528 units sold a month before, the domestic market registered 46.69% YoY growth and 14.07% MoM decline in sales. Volume gained YoY is 20,930 units and volume lost MoM is 10,768 units.

Royal Enfield Exports Nov 2022

YTD sales for domestic market stood at 4,82,997 units and grew 63.33% YoY. While doing so, the company gained 1,87,286 units in volume YoY. The British brand shipped 5,006 units overseas in November 2022. In contrast, 6,824 units were shipped last year and 5,707 units were shipped in October 2022.

Royal Enfield registered 26.64% YoY decline and 12.28% MoM decline. Exports YTD stood at 64,973 units, up from 47,143 units sold a year before. Exports YTD grew by 37.82% YoY and gained 17,830 units in volume. In total, Royal Enfield sold 70,766 motorcycles in November 2022 and gained 37% YoY as opposed to 51,654 motorcycles sold in November 2021.

Total sales dropped by 13.95% MoM due to 82,235 motorcycles sold in October 2022. Royal Enfield’s total YTD sales stood at 5,47,970 motorcycles and registered a 59.83% YoY growth and gained 2,05,116 motorcycles in volume.

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