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Top 10 200cc To 500cc Motorcycles Jan 2023 – Classic, Bullet, KTM, CB350

Jan 2023 saw 200cc to 500cc motorcycles register is very healthy YoY and MoM growth

Royal Enfield Sales Jan 2023
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First six places are occupied by Royal Enfield’s total lineup under 500cc. Topping the 200-500cc motorcycles sales list is Classic 350 with 26,134 units. As opposed to 26,775 units sold in Jan 2022 and 20,682 sold in Dec 2022, Classic 350 registered 2.39% You decline and 26.36% MoM growth.

Volume gain was 5,452 units MoM and market share was 33.84%, up from 31.50% in December 2022. Upon launch, Hunter 350 was neck-n-neck with Classic 350. But now, there is a significant difference between the two. Hunter 350 sold 16,574 units and saw a decline of 3.98% MoM and a drop in market share from 26.29% to 21.46%.

200cc to 500cc Motorcycles Sales Jan 2023

There is a reason why Bullet 350 is evergreen because it registers positive growth almost every-time. Jan 2023 was no different, as 31.70% YoY and 9.86% MoM growth was observed with 9,865 units sold. Meteor 350 saw 7,622 units rolling down the assembly line with 9.91% YoY decline and 21.02% MoM growth.

Electra 350 sold 4,208 units last month. Sales soared with 58.73% YoY growth and 24.46% MoM growth. Volume gain stood at 1,557 units YoY and 827 units MoM. Himalayan registered a 23.06% YoY decline and 10.72% MoM growth with 2,499 units sold. Taking 7th, 8th and 9th place, we have KTM 250 with 1170, Honda CB350 with 1085 and Yamaha FZ25 with 1020 units respectively.

200cc to 500cc Motorcycles Sales Jan 2023 vs Jan 2022 - YoY
200cc to 500cc Motorcycles Sales Jan 2023 vs Jan 2022 – YoY

KTM 250 series and Honda CB350 registered YoY decline of 4.33% and 66.22% respectively. FZ25 saw 2.20% YoY growth. Where MoM analysis is concerned, all of them saw positive growth. Especially Yamaha FZ25 with 102900% MoM growth, who had sold 1 unit a month before. At 10th place, we have KTM 390 series with 787 units, registering 226.56% You and 172.32% MoM growth.

Bajaj’s Dominar 250 and 400 took 11th and 12th place with 616 and 586 units respectively. Both of them registered YoY decline of 6.95% and 18.27% and MoM growth of 51.72% and 73.89%. Apache RR 310 and Pulsar 250’s figures fell close to each other at 450 and 445 units respectively. Apache’s numbers grew by 5.63% YoY and more than doubled MoM at 110.28%.

Pulsar 250 Sales Almost Halved YoY

With a 92.60% YoY decline, Pulsar 250 sales almost halved. This is the reason why Pulsar 220F is being revived by Bajaj, priced at Rs. 1.39 lakh (ex-sh, WB). Avenger 220 clocked 375 units with a 28.57% YoY decline and 38.89% MoM growth. Suzuki’s V-Strom SX 250 only managed to clock 167 units without positive growth, while Gixxer 250 series sold zilch.

200cc to 500cc Motorcycles Sales Jan 2023 vs Dec 2022 - MoM
200cc to 500cc Motorcycles Sales Jan 2023 vs Dec 2022 – MoM

Despite 92 Ninja 300 sold, there was no positive growth. Honda CB300 clocked 85 units and saw 77.08% MoM growth as opposed to 48 units sold a month before. Husqvarna 250 managed to sell 32 units while falling into the red. Despite having a reputation for being overpriced, Ninja 400 clocked 19 units and registered 850% MoM growth.

Suzuki Gixxer 250 and Honda CB500 series zero in January 2023. Jawa/Yezdi sold 3,572 units in retail and saw a healthy 50.62% YoY growth and 33.23% MoM growth. In total, top 200cc to 500cc motorcycles sales stood at 77,223 units. As opposed to 66,755 units sold in January 2022 and 65,652 units sold in December 2022, there was 15.68% YoY and 17.62% MoM growth. Volume gain was 10,468 units YoY and 11,571 units MoM.

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