Samsung Galaxy Note 7 blows up inside a Jeep, and this is what remains – Video

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Airline passengers have been banned from using or charging the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on board the plane. Some airlines have even banned passengers to keep the Note 7 in their check-in baggage.

The maker, Samsung has also instructed users of the Galaxy Note 7 to turn them off and not use those citing reports of fires involving the lithium-ion batteries in some of these devices. Samsung has issued a world-wide recall.


Now, not taking the recall seriously, a man from St. Petersburg, Florida who was using the new Note 7, has been a victim of yet another Note 7 bursting into flames. But this time, it was the phone alone did not go in flames.

The man states that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 blew up and torched his Jeep Grand Cherokee beyond repair. Nathan Dronacher stated that while at a yard sale, he had left his Galaxy Note 7 to charge on the central console of his Jeep Grand Cherokee. He soon noted that the SUV was on fire. Even as fire tenders rushed to the scene and doused the flames, the Jeep was too far gone to be saved.


As Dornacher lost his prized possession, the company is investigating the incident and have promised to do everything they can to help him. Samsung has issued a recall for the Note 7 across 10 countries following reports of 35 Samsung Note 7 catching fire or exploding while being charged. The company has also appealed to owners of the Galaxy Note 7 to go in for the Product Exchange Program as has been announced on Friday.