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Sherp All Terrain Amphibious Vehicle Arrives In India

Sherp India
Image – Sherp India

In the USA, Sherp ATV is offered at a price equivalent to INR 43 lakh

Amphibious vehicles stick true to their identity since they are capable of travelling on the toughest terrains across the globe as well as trudge on water bodies with relative ease. Essentially speaking, these types of vehicles form the ultimate category of All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV) and are built to last an apocalypse.

One of the most trusted brands in this segment across the world is Ukraine-based Sherp and now the brand is making its way to Indian shores. The first couple of ATVs from Sherp landed in India recently. The ATV is scheduled to make its debut as a part of a tour scheduled from July 5 to July 10 in Manesar, Haryana.

A video of the same has been uploaded by the company on its social media profile where two units of the ATV are seen being loaded onto the deck of a trailer truck. The vehicles loaded look similar to a derivative of N 1200. The company intends to showcase this ATV to a bunch of enthusiasts who would experience this machine on the most treacherous paths.

More Details

Often referred to as an obnoxious-looking ATV, it measures only 3,400mm in length, 2,520 mm in width and 2,300 mm in height. It offers a rather compact cabin that can hold up to four passengers including the driver and sits on gigantic 63-inch tyres. The tread pattern on the tyres is designed to offer the maximum amount of traction. The big, fat tyres lend the vehicle buoyancy.

When travelling on water, the tyres act as a paddle wheel on a ferry boat. Moreover, it does not possess any overhang which results in superior approach, departure and ramp-over angle which adds to its off-roading prowess.

All these factors enable the Sherp ATV to climb the stiffest of inclines without breaking any sweat. What also aids it is a low centre of gravity and its aluminium structure which makes it very nimble at 1300 kilos.

Specs & Features

Sherp ATV is powered by a 1.5-litre, 4-cylinder, diesel engine that generates a peak power of 45 bhp and a top speed of 45kmph. Power is sent to all four wheels via a 5-speed manual gearbox. Instead of a conventional steering wheel, it has been equipped with a skid steering system to manoeuvre the vehicle.

The vehicle also comes laced with a bunch of features such as a tyre inflation system and more. Sherp ATV is offered in two trims, the base trim comes with a soft-top canopy while optional extras such as a hardtop, a bigger 50L fuel tank, and even an onboard generator are offered in the higher-spec trim. Interestingly, only the front two occupants get a seat belt each.


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