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Kerala road rage incident shows duo beating biker in the middle of road, no one comes to help – Video

The incident took place in Mudapuram, district Chirayinkeezhu, Kerala. Two men on a motorcycle, were going round and round in circles in the middle of a junction. Video shows how dangerous it could have been. Before the duo created any more nuisance, a biker who was coming from the opposite direction, stopped these two idiots on a motorcycle.

The two men who were going around the junction got angry. Within seconds, they got into a fist fight which then became a blood bath on the middle of the road. No one came to rescue the bike. Police have identified the miscreants and are on the lookout. The injured biker is in the hospital. Watch the video below.


National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) conducted a survey of Indian states and how they ranked in terms of road rage and rash driving. It was a surprising fact that the state of Kerala, which had to lowest vehicle count of just 10% of Indian vehicles, ranked the highest in terms of both road rage and rash driving.

The report also revealed that out of the 1,538 instances of rash driving and road race recorded across the country, 500 of these were in Kerala along involving juvenile drivers, thus recording the maximum number in this category as well.

Thiruvanathapuram recorded 12,440 related offences followed by Kochi with 10,502 offences and Thrissur with 8,068 offences. These figures, in comparison to Delhi, with a record of just 7,411 offences are considerably high. Taking into account Union Territories, Delhi recorded the highest cases of road rage and rash driving with juveniles at the wheel.

The reason behind these high statistics in Kerala, according to Rishi Raj Singh, former Transport Commissioner, could be attributed to bad road conditions. The state of Kerala has a population of 3.5 crores and registered vehicles of 1 crore but the smallest road network as compared to other states. 2.75 lakh kms of roads in Kerala see 2.5 lakh kms of local roads which are less than 5 meters in width.

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