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Indian Auto Industry will meet BSVI emission timeline of 2020 – SIAM

SIAM takes a positive note of Government’s decision to leapfrom to BSVI emission norms by 2020. This would have a positive effect in reducing pollution levels from automobiles by 80% where PM 2.5 for HCV is concerned and by 90% in the case of passenger vehicles while NOx will see reduction by 60% and 64% respectively. These reduced levels will contribute to better air quality in India.

Though looked upon favorably, the adoption of BS VI norms will need 10 PPM sulphur BS V fuel to be introduced by oil companies while new technology in vehicles will also have to be introduced.

In the event of this required fuel being unavailable, using BS IV fuel could prove detrimental to the engine and to the after-treatment devices fitted to vehicles. This could have negate the benefits of shifting to new fuel. If the vehicle and fuel is not compatible, the higher emission norms cannot be met, said Mr. Dasari, President, SIAM.

It is because of this SIAM requests the fuel producers in India to be able to upgrade their facilities so as to provide better quality fuel to vehicles in India. “India has been the fastest at adopting new safety and emission norms. This leap frog would make India the first country in the world to accomplish such an accelerated progression in vehicular emission norms” Mr Dasari added.

At the same time, Mr Dasari also requests the government to not change the now decided dates for implementing BSVI emission norms as this would result in unfair advantage to those manufacturers and oil producers who failed to upgrade their products in time.

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Mr. Dasari also stated that’s the industry is fully committed and ready for implementing BS IV across the country on 1st April 2017 and was now waiting for the fuel availability on a pan India basis.

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