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Simple One Electric Scooter New Factory – First Photos From Production Line

With figures like 72 Nm torque, 300+ km range from a single charge and up to 6.4 kWh battery, Simple Energy EV has a lot of potential

Simple One Electric Scooter New Factory
Simple One Electric Scooter New Factory

In the contest of EVs with longest range, Simple One electric scooter is set to go the farthest. As of now, it is Ola Electric which claims the highest range. Other rivals in the premium electric scooter segment include Ather, TVS and Bajaj.

Simple Energy had announced their launch plans on the same date as Ola Electric, 15th Aug 2021. But unlike Ola, Simple is yet to start delivery. As per latest update, Simple EV has set up its first state-of-the-art facility spread across 2 lakh sq-ft at Shoolagiri, Tamil Nadu. Named Simple Vision 1.0, it is now inaugurated and is set to produce 1 million units annually. This facility will be used to kickstart the final production of its much awaited Simple One electric scooter.

Simple One Electric Scooter

The Indian e-scooter startup has already launched its maiden vehicle Simple One at Rs. 1.09 lakh for one fixed battery and one removable battery totaling 4.8 kWh. Other one is Rs. 1.45 lakh for one fixed battery and two removable batteries totaling 6.4 kWh. The company claims that over 30,000 units have been reserved, but deliveries haven’t yet commenced.

The new factory inaugurated yesterday, is set to begin production soon. It has a patented in-house motor manufacturing line and a battery manufacturing line. There are other facilities inside, including a best-in-class general assembly line, customer acceptance line, and cell storage.

Simple One Electric Scooter New Factory
Simple One Electric Scooter New Factory

Founder & CEO of Simple Energy, Suhas Rajkumar, stated that in four years of the company’s journey, they are now just one step away from starting production and deliveries. Simple Vision 1.0 production plant is a stepping stone for Simple Energy for future expansions. With an experienced R&D team and well-equipped manufacturing facility, Simple One electric scooter production and deliveries will commence soon.

Simple One Specs

Over 300 km of range is promised with a triple battery setup, one fixed and two removable. While it is just 236 km with one removable and one fixed battery. In total, triple battery setup will accommodate 6.4 kWh of battery capacity and the dual battery setup will accommodate 4.8 kWh worth of battery capacity.

The electric motor on Simple One makes 8.5 kW of peak power and 4.5 kW of continuous power while torque figures stand at 72 Nm, which is the highest among other premium electric scooters. Overall, Simple One looks striking and edgy, unlike Ola scooters. That said, Ola has already made its move into Rs. 80K segment where conventional ICE scooters party.

Can Simple Energy EV match Ola and Ather in terms of volumes, production and hype? Also, now that mainstream manufacturers like Hero MotoCorp, TVS and Bajaj have EVs of their own and Honda and Yamaha soon to join, Simple Energy EV has a lot of work on their hands.

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