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New SKF bearings to improve Scuderia Ferrari performance

SKF and Scuderia Ferrari association caters to specialised components and systems for weight and frictional power loss reduction. SKF works closely with Scuderia Ferrari to produce bearing sets manufactured from specially developed tool steel. Using heat treatment process to optimise surface hardness properties makes SKF bearings extremely resistant to surface fatigue and can withstand high contact stresses characteristic of Formula One applications.

SKF bearings for improved Scuderia Ferrari gearbox performance

Used in the Scuderia Ferrari gearbox, SKF bearings can be downsized resulting in overall weight reduction by more than 20 pct. Downsizing doesn’t affect performance or reliability. Gearbox performance is improved by use of ceramic bearing rollers and optimised internal geometries. Together they offer significant reduction in frictional power losses.

Scuderia Ferrari is using SKF’s latest condition monitoring technology based on the company’s modular IMx platform, re-engineered to meet specific team demands. SKF adapted hardware to enable large volumes of data procession at high speeds, about 100 times faster than normally required even in tough industrial applications.

Scuderia Ferrari engine and turbo test rigs use the advanced SKF Observer condition monitoring system for asset protection, improved operational efficiency, preventive maintenance, and increased speed of development.

Ing. Mattia Binotto – Power Unit Director of Scuderia Ferrari says SKF plays an important role in developing the new 2015 Formula One car. IMx solution offers fresh insight into how the engines perform. SKF bearings (gearbox), and specialised parts for energy recovery and other criticals on board system will help maintain a competitive advantage.

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