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Sonalika Hybrid Tractor Deliveries Start In India – Price Rs 7.2 L

Sonalika Hybrid Tractor
Sonalika Hybrid Tractor

Solis Hybrid 5015 tractor comes in with Japanese hybrid technology and is priced at Rs. 7.21 lakhs

Sonalika Tractors along with Japanese partner Yamar Agribusiness Co. Ltd., has launched the first hybrid tractor. Called Solis Hybrid 5015, this tractor is priced at Rs.7.21 lakhs and comes in with the benefits of three tractors in one.

Bookings have been opened and deliveries of the Solis Hybrid 5015 have commenced and with this launch, ITC becomes the first tractor manufacturer in the country to introduce ‘E-Powerboost, which is Japanese hybrid technology under the Solis Yanmar range.

The tractor will strength the company’s hold in the 4W drive tractor segment. It receives a diesel engine with electric energy promising outstanding performance and higher speeds along with better fuel efficiency.

According to Raman Mittal, Executive Director, Sonalika Group, the Solis Hybrid 5015 will offer the performance of a 60 hp tractor with fuel efficiency levels of a 45 hp tractor. It will get continuous power supply via a synchro controller and battery levels will be showcased via Smart LED display. This will allow the farmer to bring down expenditure on fuel costs by a great extent.

Sonalika Tractors Dealer
Sonalika Tractors Dealer

E-Powerbooster Technology

E-Powerbooster technology sees a power booster switch located on the dashboard along with a hand operated lever. This allows for smoother power adjustment to gain powerful boost in tractor performance. Advanced vehicle controllers monitor energy relating to faster acceleration via the highly efficient electric motor making the Solis Hybrid 5015 tractor the most powerful in its segment.

The hybrid tractor with its lithium-ion battery and advanced engine ensures increased performance which boosts productivity while at the same time reducing pollution levels. Charging is via regular 16A households socket and full charge is achieved in 3 hours.

The fact that it offers continuous power supply through a synchro controller and is maintenance free is also an advantage for the farmer while auto charging cut off function extends battery life. On the go charging facility is also possible when the throttle is not engaged. Like the rest of the Solis range, the Solis Hybrid 5015 tractor is also being produced at the company plant in Hoshiarpur in Punjab.

Sonalika Tractors

Sonalika has multiple heavy duty tractors in the 20-120 hp range along with 70+ customized variants. Its product portfolio also consists of 5 premium tractors – Tiger, Sikander DLX, Chhatrapati, Mahabali and Tiger Electric.

The company created a record, clocking its highest ever cumulative domestic sales despite the scenario in the segment being bleak due to the ongoing pandemic situation in the country. Tractor sales in just 11 month stood at 1,06,432 units, a growth of 35.5 percent as against sales last year.

Sonalika has widened their channel networks by adding 145 new ones and have introduced the highest number of 6 products during the year. The company is also continuously upgrading their products with the latest of features among which are 4 wheel drive technology, multi-speed transmission and precision 5G hydraulics.

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