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Statewise tractor sales June 2020 – Only segment to register growth

In June 2020, the Indian market sold 45,358 tractors compared to 40,913 units back in June 2019 (up by 10.86%)

The Indian passenger vehicle (PV) market is making a gradual recovery from COVID-19 and its two-month nationwide lockdown protocols that came into effect towards the end of March 2020. Sales continue to be on the lower side compared to previous or pre-COVID trends.

To make the best out of the worst, manufacturers have introduced online sales platforms to continue business operations. These ‘virtual showrooms’ promise complete ease of mind while purchasing a new vehicle.

Dealership profits will not be affected in any way since the user will be ultimately redirected to the nearest (or preferred) sales outlet. Some highlights of online sales platforms include the convenience of opting a test drive or getting the vehicle delivered at the customer’s doorsteps in a safe and sanitised environment, virtual assistants, reliable finance options, clear-cut communication channels, etc.

Even though India’s PV scenario continues to be in a state of struggle, the agricultural field appears to be doing substantially better. For starters, tractor sales have improved compared to last year. Tractor segment is the only one which has registered a positive growth in June 2020. All other segments – PV, CV, Two wheeler, 3 wheeler have reported decline.

In total, the Indian market sold 45,358 tractors last month as against 40,913 units back in June 2019; a growth of almost 11%. Here are the state-wise tractor sales figures of June 2020:

State-wise Tractor Sales (June 2020)

statewise tractor sales june 2020
Statewise tractor sales June 2020. Source – FADA

Uttar Pradesh comes at the top with 8,737 units in sales last month despite facing a 2.40% decline from last year. Rajasthan follows close 8,346 units but with a 22% gain. Maharashtra and Bihar garnered a close difference of 4,749 units and 4,304 units, respectively while growth rates were quite wide at 5.09% and 122.54%. The Southern states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu received a respective sales count of 3,979 units and 2,641 units with gains standing at 25.92% and 67.36% each.

Haryana and Chhatisgarh faced sales declines of 17.28% and 1.47% in June 2020 to reach 2,442 units and 2,352 units, respectively. Following them is the northeastern state of Assam at an impressive growth of 163.28% from June 2019 to reach 2,057 units. Odisha secured 1,445 units (+25.76%) in June 2020 compared to 296 units less back in June 2019. At 1,349 (-26.28%), 1,043 (-51.08%) and 1,030 units (-31.70%), West Bengal, Punjab and Gujarat are the last entrants on the list with four-digit June 2020 sales figures.

Jharkhand and Uttarakhand hit 532 units and 207 units to meet an individual sales variation of +3.70% and -5.91% from June 2019. At three-digit sales figures, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala and Puducherry follow with fluctuations of +7.59%, -53.85% and +266.67% each. Arunachal Pradesh, Goa and western union territory, ‘Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu (DNHDD)’ marked single-digit sales figures in June 2020.

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