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India can save INR 245 crores a year if we stop honking

S K Patel, governing council member of Lions Clubs International estimates that the amount saved per annum will be approximately INR 245 crores. He takes into account number of vehicles on roads, average number of times people honk and amount of electrical energy or diesel that is used to charge car batteries.

He has thus arrived at this estimated amount of INR 245 crores of saving per annum which will be enough to feed around 55 lakh persons living below the poverty line each month.

The calculation was arrived at by taking total vehicles on the road at around 72.7 crore units, average wattage consumption of a that is at 75 watts and the average time that a horn is pressed at 1.5 seconds. Each time the horn is sounded 0.00003125 electric units are consumed.

While a horn is sounded around 6 times per hour and the vehicle is on the road for 8 hours a day, the equation works out to – 74,70,00,000 vehicles x 0.00003125 units per click x 6 times per hour x 8 hours a day = 11,20,500 units.

Two slow trucks at loggerheads, and all the honking in the background is a common scene on highways in India.

Patel’s study, which takes into account private and commercial vehicles, the wide variety of horns fitted to vehicles and vehicles plying in city limits and on the highway uses data from a variety of sources. Total population of vehicles has been received from RTO registrations and SIAM besides Open Government Data Platform India.