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Suzuki apologizes for claiming wrong mileage of 16 cars, includes Baleno, Swift, Alto, WagonR, Ignis, S-Cross

Even while Volkswagen continues to deal with dieselgate emissions scandal and Mitsubishi has admitted to certain fuel economy misdeeds, it is now Suzuki that has admitted to cheating on fuel economy tests.

After the Japanese government asked automakers to check numbers, Nissan found discrepancies in Mitsubishi reports which went as far back as 1991. The company has admitted to this accusation while now Suzuki has also come forward and admitted that its methods of testing were somewhat different from laid down norms. This led to false emission and fuel efficiency results on a large number of its vehicles.

A statement issued by Suzuki confirms that its testing grounds were in Sagara, Japan which is situated on a hill. At this height, the vehicles had to face strong winds which made it difficult for engineers to clock results accurately, specially in the case of lightweight microcars.

Suzuki then put components such as tyres, brakes and transmission to the test under controlled environment and combined these results with earlier tests conducted in Sagara. These tests are against the laid down government procedures. Over 2.1 million cars are affected.

While Suzuki has apologized and admitted to its wrong testing standards and procedures, the company also claims that it will not have to revise fuel efficiency ratings. Follow up testing under correct conditions have revealed that the ‘results were within an acceptable range of deviation’ from those figures which were earlier indicated. The Japanese government is not satisfied with this statement and further investigations are underway.

List of cars affected

Alto – Launched on 22nd December, 2014
Alto Lapin – Launched on 3rd June, 2015
Wagon R – Launched on 19th September, 2012
Hustler – Launched on 8th January, 2014
Spacia – Launched on 15th March, 2013
Every – Launched on 18th February, 2015
Carry – Launched on 20th September, 2013
Jimny – Running change in 2010

Solio – Launched on 26th August, 2015
Ignis – Launched on 18th February, 2016
Baleno – Launched on 9th March, 2016
SX4 S-CROSS – Launched on 19th February, 2015
Swift – Launched on 18th September, 2010
Escudo 2.4 – Running change in 2012
Escudo – Launched on 15th October, 2015
Jimny Sierra – Running change in 2010

Note – The above issues do not apply to products sold under Suzuki badge outside Japan. Maruti Suzuki India has revealed that the cars sold in India are not affected.

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