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Suzuki Celerio brake failure has demanded ‘Stop Drive & Stop Sale’ notice to be issued in UK

Autocar and What Car? UK publication houses have been testing Suzuki Celerio at the Millbrook Proving Ground, when they stumbled upon a very serious brake failure issue in the B-segment hatchback. Part of their standard tests for reviewing cars involves panic braking tests from 80 mph (129 kph) to 0 mph. The test is conducted to measure distance to stop, time taken and stability / behaviour of the car while performing emergency stop from high speed.

Customers are alerted to not drive their Suzuki Celerio, and dealerships are instructed to stop test drives and sales.Ironically in Autocar’s case, the test drivers had to panic because of the braking, since the pedal withdrew from functioning and became futile, sticking to the floor, when they depressed with full force. Since it was a controlled test / environment, they managed to halt the car safely by carefully applying hand-brake and gearing down (engine braking).

Upon reporting the issue to Suzuki UK, they were given a replacement car for review / test when the company inspects the first Celerio. Turns out, even the substitute car had the very same braking problem. The company has escalated the investigation and issued a ‘Stop Drive & Stop Sale’ notice in UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Representatives from Suzuki Motor Corporation (Japan) and Suzuki UK are still investigating the cause of component failure. According to the manufacturer, Suzuki Celerio sold in UK, the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand and Australia are said to be prone to this fault, while units sold in Japan, Thailand and India are not affected.

Affected units are narrowed down to Right Hand Drive models. They are manufactured in Rayang plant in Thailand, which has different brake component supplier from Indian spec Celerio. Yet, units sold in Thailand are declared safe. Post investigation and fault detection, the company will issue a recall for affected Suzuki Celerio units. Until the cars are fixed and deemed fit to get back on public roads, customers will be given courtesy cars to carry on with their daily affairs.

Via – Autocar UK

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