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Suzuki Hayabusa India price to reduce by Rs 5 lakhs once CKD operations start


Suzuki Motorcycle India has indicated that Hayabusa superbike could soon be sold at a much affordable price.

As a result of reliable sales of Suzuki Hayabusa in India, the company is planning to switch from CBU to CKD. Hayabusa is a highly desired superbike in Indian motorcycle community, whose claim to fame from featuring in a highly successful Bollywood flick hasn’t been forgotten yet. Not that the 197 PS machine which can throw the pointer till 299 kmph until electronics intervene, needed any other reason to turn towards.


The transition is expected to help bring down Suzuki Hayabusa India price by around Rs. 5 lakhs.

Therefore, the Hayabusa, which is currently being retailed at Rs. Rs. 15.95 lakhs for regular and Rs. 16.20 lakhs for the Z Edition (ex-showroom Delhi), would receive new price tags, starting at around Rs. 11 lakhs.

This move would not be limited to the company’s flagship motorcycle. Suzuki Motorcycle India also has plans to locally assemble more superbikes, given the aggressive penetration of international brands and models in the sub-continent in very short time.

This will bring Suzuki to the same table as its close rivals such as Triumph, Kawasaki and Benelli, who have already started assembling their motorcycles locally and reaping benefits.

Suzuko Hayabusa India CKD plans (3)

With more major motorcycle makers turning towards India and showing interest in attempting CKD operations, the market is increasingly responding by giving them better business. It is only a matter of time before all big names in the industry start catering to and operating in India.


Via – Economic Times


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  • Ilyas C Abdulkader

    It is better late than never. Suzuki makes wonderful bikes. In India it enjoys good reputation for technology, service, reliability thanks to Maruti. But it is a shame that Suzuki could not leverage this to put up a better show in India in selling bikes. It has worst dealers to sell its bikes. Recently I had a very bad experience in one its showrooms in Thiruvananthapuram. Just watch how badly it mismanaged Inazuma and finally stopped selling it. Let bygones be bygone. Now Suzuki needs to get its act together. It should assemble its super bikes in India. Or rather it should make them here and export it from here so that it can sell it in domestic market in a very competitive price. Suzuki has wonderful super bikes in its portfolio. It should watch how Bajaj pulled it off so wonderfully in making KTM here. Suzuki, please have faith in Indian market. Get good Products at competitive price points. And sell them through better( at least well mannered) dealer network, widely, all over India( again like Bajaj Probiking). The success is yours for sure.

    • wow, that sums it up. if only Suzuki were to read this 😛