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Tata Altroz Gold Colour Returns – 4 Variants Discontinued

Tata Altroz has been the gold standard when it comes to safety and also being one of the most handsome in the segment

Tata Altroz
Tata Altroz

Tata had hit gold with Altroz when it was launched. It was the first to get a 5-star crash safety rating among the competition. It also came with stylish looks and innovative 90-degree opening doors. These added actual value to the car while competition got more flash values.

But people still prefer i20 and Baleno over Altroz even though it is vastly safer and also better looking (subjective). The initial charm of Altroz is wearing off as sales drop noticeably YoY as seen in our sales charts. So, Tata has been rejigging the variant lineup to axe a few variants that aren’t garnering sales.

Tata Altroz Variants Discontinued

Tata Motors has been actively pushing sales of Nexon. But Altroz sales have been dwindling while competitors have been lapping up customers like no tomorrow. So, which all variants are axed? Not a lot, actually. Both petrol and diesel engine variants are subjected to this reshuffling exercise. The main deletion comes in the form of XZ (O) trim. This trim has been discontinued along with most of the variants this XZ (O) trim spawned like XZ (O) Petrol MT, XZA (O) Petrol AT, and XZ (O) Diesel MT. The only variant that now is offered with XZ (O) trim is XZ (O) iTurbo MT.

Other than that, XE trim for diesel powertrains has been discontinued. This makes sense. Because XE trim is quite barebones and diesel buyers generally have fatter pockets and prefer to get at least some niceties. Taxi drivers would prefer a base model with a diesel powertrain but they would look at a sub 4m sedan, preferably with a CNG option too.

Tata Altroz Variants Discontinued - In Red
Tata Altroz Variants Discontinued – In Red

All-in-all, those are Tata Altroz variants that have been axed to make space for production of variants that are actually in demand. Tata Motors will have considered this step with utmost attention with analytics and data.

Colour Addition

Apart from the variant shuffling, Tata has also re-introduced High-Street Gold colour that was discontinued for some time. This is the same Gold colour that adorned the Altroz in Tata Motors’ posters. High-Street Gold culminated to highlight the gold standard that Altroz was supposed to be. Tata Motors has also hiked the prices of all its models last month. Altroz was also a recipient of the price hike in July 2022.

In terms of powertrains, Altroz gets a 1.2L petrol, a 1.2L turbo petrol motor and a 1.5L turbo diesel option. The non-turbo 1.2L petrol makes 85 bhp and 113 Nm, turbo petrol makes 108 bhp and 140 Nm and turbo diesel makes 90 bhp and 200 Nm. Transmission options include a 5-speed manual and a 6-speed DCT option.

Tata should’ve offered the DCT with the turbo petrol engine option to get a zero to hundred km/h time under 10 seconds. It has been a missed opportunity of creating a sporty Altroz like N Line version of i20.

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