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Tata Harrier beats Jeep Compass – MG Hector, Mahindra XUV500 lead in Sep 2019

Tata Harrier sales grow

After posting dismal sales in Aug 2019, of less than 650 units, Tata Harrier sales have bounced to over 940 units in the month of Sep 2019. This has made sure that Tata Harrier stays ahead of Jeep Compass in terms of sales.

In 2019, Tata Harrier has been No 1 in sales for 4 months – in March, April, May and June. But since the launch of MG Hector, its sales have drastically declined. Not only sales of Harrier have declined post the arrival of Hector, sales of Mahindra XUV500 and that of Jeep Compass have also declined sharply.

In terms of total sales for 2019, of these 4 SUVs, it is the Mahindra XUV500 which is in the lead with 13,147 units, followed by Tata Harrier at 11,749 units, then it is Jeep Compass at 8,701 units and then comes MG Hector at 6,134 units.

Tata Harrier, Jeep Compass, MG Hector, Mahindra XUV500 sales 2019

Speaking about Tata Harrier, the company is trying hard to regain sales. To gain some traction in terms of sales, the company introduced the Tata Harrier Black Edition. This Black Edition Harrier is based on the top spec XZ variant and is priced at Rs.16.76 lakhs. This special edition Harrier is offered with a total of 10 enhancements with the Atlas Black color scheme adorning the exteriors.

In a further attempt to boost sales, the company also introduced a sunroof, which was missing in the regular model was also recently introduced in compliance with customer’s demands, but is offered as an official accessory and priced at Rs.95,000.

The latest effort to boost sales comes with the company announcing a new warranty scheme. This includes the PentaCare Warranty Package with first 5 year/unlimited km warranty package. This extended warranty package is for both new and existing customers of the Harrier.

Buyers who purchase the PentaCare pack within 0 to 90 days of purchasing the Harrier, the cost is Rs.22,000 with 18 percent GST taking total cost to Rs.25,960. Those opting for the PentaCare pack within 91-180 days will be charged Rs.28,556 which is inclusive of GST while those opting for this extended warranty pack after 180 will be charged Rs.31,152.

These have helped Tata to boost sales of Harrier in Sep 2019. Next, Tata will launch Harrier with larger 18 inch alloys, and a panoramic sunroof which will come as a factory fit, and not as additional accessory which is on offer currently. Then there will be automatic Harrier as well as petrol option launch in 2020. All these are expected to bring major boost to Harrier sales.

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