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Tata Harrier SUV concept vs reality – What are the changes made in design?

The concept version of Harrier was codenamed H5X and it was first showcased at the 2018 Auto Expo. With the 1st Harrier being rolled out, we can now see some definitive changes to the exterior design. Here’s a quick comparison to understand the key changes introduced in the journey from H5X concept to the final production version of Tata Harrier.

Integrated headlamps and fog lamps: Production version Harrier has an integrated housing for both headlamps and fog lamps. In H5X, this spot was represented as a design element. Harrier also gets LED DRLs at the extreme ends of the front grille. In H5X, this space was utilized for LED lamps.

Harrier production spec.

Understated bumpers and skid plates: Front section of H5X was quite loud, but it has now been toned down in production version of Harrier. Skid plates and front bumper have been redesigned to emanate subtle elegance rather than being over domineering. Front section also gets larger vents and air dams to effectively cool the beast’s powerful engine.

Larger grille: Front grille is now larger than the H5X concept and it has also been redesigned based on the company’s IMPACT Design 2.0 philosophy.

Tata Harrier concept

Smaller alloys: H5X concept had attractive 21-inch alloys that gave a stunning look to the SUV. However, production version Harrier now has 17-inch or 18-inch alloys, which appears to be a downgrade. Obviously, larger alloys will drive up the price, which is why it makes sense to use smaller alloys. People who need larger alloys can get it easily from aftermarket stores.

Balanced roofline: H5X concept had a coupe-inspired, swooping-down roofline, which looked pretty and sophisticated. However, it may not be practical, as it would eat up the rear space. Production version Harrier gets a balanced roofline with less curves to ensure that there’s ample headroom for rear passengers.

Harrier production spec

Slim looks: With its beefy profile, H5X looked like an SUV on steroids. This has now been toned down in production version Harrier.

Standard ORVMs: H5X had stylishly designed Outside Rear View Mirrors (ORVMs), but these also have been toned down. Production version Harrier gets the usual dual tone ORVMs.

Toned down rear bumper and skid plates: Although most of the rear section of H5X has been utilized on production version Harrier, some slight changes have been introduced in rear bumper and skid plates to give them an understated look and feel.

Tata Harrier Concept

Redesigned tail lamps: In production version Harrier, LED tail lamps are joined together on a black frame. This looks stylish and gives a unique touch to the SUVs rear section.

Broader C-pillar: Production version Harrier gets a broader C-pillar, which renders a floating roof effect. This space was not clearly defined in H5X concept.

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