Tata Motors & Bharat Forge sign $11bn defence deal for Future Combat Infantry Vehicles

It is a project worth $11 billion, (INR 78,000 crores) that Tata Motors, Bharat Forge and General Dynamics have entered into with the Indian Defence Sector for the provision of Combat Infantry Vehicles (FICV).

Bharat Forge will be providing guns, ammunition and other fire power equipment. With Tata Motors and Bharat Forge forming an alliance, the total number of bidders has come down to 9 from 10 thus giving them a higher chance of sealing the deal.

Tata Motors, with their expertise in vehicle engineering, will join forces with Bharat Forge while General Dynamics will be the third party in this deal to build FICVs.

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FICVs are amphibious armoured vehicles operated by up to a maximum of 3 persons. Compact in design so as to be airlifted and dropped onto combat zones and fitted with anti-tank guided missiles with a 4 km range, the FICVs are being planned to take the place of 2610 Russian BMP-2 carriers which has been in use with the Indian Army to date and now considered obsolete.

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The long list of Indian companies as bidders for this project also includes from international defence companies who will form an alliance for the supply of technical knowhow. While Tata Motors and Bharat Forge have formed an alliance, Mahindra and BAE Systems too have come together for this project while L&T and Nexter will be working together for long range gun system along with Ashok Leyland.

via business-standard