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Tata Motors Price Hike Mar 2022 – Nexon, Harrier, Safari, Altroz, Punch, Tiago, Tigor

With FY23 approaching, Tata Motors has introduced a price hike of Rs 3,000 on a wide range of its cars

Tata Nexon Prices March 2022
Image – Superior Auto

At one time, car price hikes meant customers resorted to buying cars within a specified time to benefit from existing price points. However, over time, car price hikes have become more commonplace. And in today’s market, play little or no part to expedite purchases while awaiting a price hike.

This is because there’s no predictability in price hikes as manufacturer’s have chosen to hike prices multiple times a year in small increments. This lowers the burden on customers over the year. And on the manufacturer’s part is necessitated to offset continual increase in input costs.

Tata Motors Price Hike Mar 2022

While price hikes usually vary depending on model and variant, this time around Tata Motors has gone ahead with a flat price hike across select models. Select variants of the entire range of Tata Motors cars have been given a price hike of Rs 3,000. Hat tip to Motor Arena for sharing the exclusive update. The last time Tata Motors had increased prices of their cars, was about 2 months ago, in Jan 2022.

As per the latest Tata Motors price hike, Altroz diesel XE, XE+, XM+, XT, XZ, XZ(O), XZ+ are now dearer by Rs 3,000. The same is true for Altroz petrol XE+, XM+, XT, XT TC, XZ, XZ TC (O), XZ TC, XZ (O), XZ+, XZ+ Dark, XZ+TC, XZ+TC Dark. Tata Harrier XE, XM and XMZ undergo the same price revision. As does Nexon diesel XM, XM(S), XMA(S), XZ+, XZ+ (O), XZ+ Dark, XZ+ (O) Dark, XZA+ Dark, XZA+ DT, XZA+ DT(O). The 3k price hike is applicable on Nexon Petrol XE, XM, XM(S), XMA, XMA(S), XZ, XZ+, XZ+(O), XZ+ DT, XZ+ DT(O).

Tata Motors Price Hike March 2022
Tata Motors Price Hike March 2022 – Variants mentioned above get Rs 3k price hike. Image – Motor Arena.

Tata Safari, Tiago and Tigor variants

Tata Punch, the manufacturer’s newest launch too underwent a price revision. Punch Accomplish, Accomplish AMT, Accomplish Dazzle, Accomplish Dazzle MAT, Adventure, Adventure AMT, Adventure Rhythm, Adventure Rhythm AMT, Creative, Creative AMT, Creative IRA, Creative IRA AMT, and Pure variants are now dearer by Rs 3,000.

Tata Safari XE, XM, XMA, XT, XT+, XT+ Dark, XTA+, XTA+ Dark, XZ, XZ+ 6S Dark, XZ+ Dark, XZ+ Gold, XZ+ Gold 6S, XZA, XZA+ 6S Dark, XZA+ Dark, XZA+ Gold, XZA+ Gold 6S variants too are now pricier by 3k. Tiago XE, XT, XTA, XTO, XZZ< XZ+ DT New, XZA+ DT New, XZA+ Tiago NRG prices undergo the same hike. Tata Tigor XE, XM, XMA, XZ, XZ+ New, XZ+ DT New, XZA+ DT New, and XZA+ New variants will also be costlier by 3k.

Tata Discounts / Offers

Currently, Tata Motors has been outselling numbers it has reported in recent years. The current quarter will see Tata Motors emerge triumphant as far as quarterly performance is concerned. While a price hike is inevitable, Tata Motors has also been running offers to allow customers to benefit from discounts. This includes consumer scheme offers and exchange discount.

Tata Car Discounts / Offers March 2022
Tata Car Discounts / Offers March 2022

Offers are also curated for TML, TMPVL vendors and their employees, as well as a TOI scheme, and for rural govt teachers. If eligible, one can benefit from the top 10 corporate scheme, Top 20 Corporate national scheme. There’s even a scheme for Covid fighters/ health care workers. 

Tata Cars Discounts March 2022
Tata Cars Discounts March 2022
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