Tata Motors to upgrade starter motor worth Rs 8,000 in 140,000 Nano small car free of cost, calls it a replacement exercise and not recall

Tata Motors announced their biggest ever recall earlier today, when they announced to replace starter motor in 140,000 Nano small cars. Tata Motors has adamantly stated that this is not a recall but a replacement exercise. Tata Motors will be replacing starter motor of Nano small car free of cost. This exercise will cost the Indian car manufacturer Rs 110 crores, approximately Rs 8,000 for each starter motor.

Tata Motors spokesperson said, “We have devised a better starter motor and so we are upgrading it in our old Nanos for improved performance. We have not received any complaint for this and this is not a recall. We will change the part in all the old Nanos that were sold before launching the Nano 2012 in November.”

Local media and internet media had reported seven different incidents where Tata Nano engine caught fire without any particular reason. Tata Motors even set-up an investigation unit which gave a clean chit to the car, but even then the so called Nano on fire incidents didn’t stop.

Tata Motors recently launched all new 2012 Tata Nano. According to SIAM – Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers, Tata Motors has managed to sell 140,428 Nano units till November 2011 since its inception in 2009. Tata Motors started the ‘replacement exercise’ back in October and has managed to replace starter motor in 50,000 Nano units till date.

All new 2012 Tata Nano not only features cosmetic upgrades, but also a more powerful and economical engine. Starter motor responsible for starting car engine. Last year too, Tata Motors had launched a similar ‘replacement exercise’, where 70,000 Nano small cars’ were installed with fire safety devices. Talking about Tata’s latest replacement exercise, Mr Deepesh Rathore, Head, IHS Automotive India, said, “Tata Motors, like any other car-maker, wants to ensure that its customers are satisfied with their product. So they are willingly replacing the starters in all available Nanos in the market.”