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Dramatic CCTV Footage – Alert Guards Douse Car Fire in Under 2 Minutes

Lessons learned from spectacular CCTV footage of car fire at entrance gate – Importance of Fire Preparedness

Tata Nexon Catches Fire
Car catches fire while it was being driven

The importance of fire preparedness cannot be oversimplified or overstated. Especially when it comes to car fires. Recently released CCTV footage demonstrates how a team of alert SEIL Security team and Fire control crew reacted quickly and efficiently to extinguish a car fire. This video highlights the significance of having a well-rehearsed plan of action in place to respond promptly to emergencies. Ravindra Joshi’s Tata Nexon caught fire at SEIL-P2 (Sembcorp Gayatri Power LTD) near main gate outside, near Ananthavaram Village, Varkavipudi Panchayat, TP Gudur Mandal, SPSR Nellore – 524344.

The team of guards displayed their training and expertise in identifying potential fire hazards. And took appropriate action to prevent any further damage. They signalled the driver to stop the car and executed their plan to perfection. This allowed the driver to exit the car safely.

Don’t Wait for Disaster – Tata Nexon XMA petrol car fire put out

Fire extinguishers are a crucial part of fire preparedness, but they are only effective if they are used correctly. Unchecked and outdated extinguishers can lead to devastating consequences during an emergency. It is essential to ensure that extinguishers are maintained and replaced as required. And individuals are trained in their use. Here’s a team that was trained to identify potential fire hazards. They responded with brilliance in an emergency. The owner handed over the car to Varalakshmi Automobiles service centre workshop, Nellore on the same day after the fire, i.e., March 16, 2023. He purchased the Tata Nexon XMA petrol car in November 2022.

Fire extinguishers can be highly effective in putting out small fires. But it is important to understand that they have limitations, and should only be used if it is safe to do so. Having fire extinguishers is not enough. It is crucial to know how to use them effectively. The PASS acronym should be followed while using a fire extinguisher – Pull the pin, Aim at the base of the fire, Squeeze the handle, and Sweep the nozzle from side to side.

Tata Nexon fire doused by alert guards
Tata Nexon fire doused by alert guards

If fire could not have controlled in right time it would have been disaster

Joshi adds, “Please ensure safety of person in vehicle, if fire could not have controlled in right time it would have been disaster and my life was at risk. If same incident would have happened in highway or remote location where fire extinguishing facility not available in right time complete car would have been converted to ASH with the person riding inside.”

“We believe in TATA For quality, safety, integrity and principles, if the above are compromised then what is the value for our money, from whom we have to ask for justice. Assume if 10 percent fire burns on the body it will take a couple of months to heal and resume life, request you kindly ensure and give me confidence that the vehicle is safe for running in future. My family and myself are suffering from above incident trauma, anxiety, we are shaken and still unable to recover from that incident trauma.”

Keeping Your Cool: Staying Calm in the Face of a Car Fire

A safe distance from a car fire must be maintained, and only small fires should be extinguished. In case of a large or out-of-control fire, professional assistance should be sought. Other hazards, such as smoke, leaking fluids, or electrical sparks, should also be taken into consideration before opening the bonnet.

In the event of a car fire, it is important to act quickly and carefully. This can prevent the fire from spreading or becoming more serious. If unsure about the situation, it is always better to err on the side of caution. Wait for professional assistance. Guards in the CCTV footage acted efficiently and safely. It may seem a long time, but the situation was brought under control in under two minutes. Their success is proof that having a well-rehearsed plan of action and trained personnel is crucial. It helps to effectively respond to a car fire.

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