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Tata Nexon Electric Delivered To Kolkata Police – World Environment Day 2022

17 Tata Nexon EVs introduced to Kolkata Police fleet as part of World Environment Day 2022

Tata Nexon Electric Kolkata Police
Tata Nexon Electric Kolkata Police

Kolkata PC, Binit Kumar Goel inaugurated 17 electric vehicles at a function organized at Police Athletic Club in Maidan on World Environment Day 2022. Kolkata Police will put the EVs to use on multiple fronts. In celebrating the occasion, it was announced a number of e-cycles will be introduced for use by Kolkata Police for beat policing, and regular patrols.

The fleet introduction is part of a larger shift to EVs that was announced in 2021. In September 2021, it was announced that 226 Tata Nexon EVs will be leased to KP. The new cars will over time phase out the old diesel cars still part of the fleet. The cars are to be leased for an 8-year period.

EV exemption in West Bengal

Based on utility, the EV fleet will be shared/distributed for use among multiple police units, including the traffic department. In September 2021, it was announced, Rs 8.82 crore was allocated for the 8 year lease plan to come into effect. The Nexon units will be distributed as best suited considering the need for a robust charging network, and need to charge daily.

Last week, to further boost EV adoption, the government announced rebates and relaxations for a period of 2 years for those registering new electric cars and two-wheelers. The same courtesy is extended to CNG vehicles too.

EV adoption in India

EV adoption in West Bengal is currently quite small. State announced exemptions are expected to help improve numbers. In recent months, various state governments have gone on to introduce state rebates for EV purchases. The move is in tandem with long term goals of larger EV adoption in India. The goal for electric buses, two wheelers, transport vehicles, and electric cars by the end of the decade is significant.

While electric car transition is still quite slow, the fault doesn’t lay with buyers. As of now, the availability of mass market electric cars that are affordable isn’t being catered to by most manufacturers. A transition boost will be more noticeable when the market becomes competitive.

Tata Motors electric cars

Only recently, Tata Nexon EV Max with more range, more power and faster charging was launched. These however are not part of the growing electric fleet that Kolkata Police is using.

Tata Nexon Electric Kolkata Police
Tata Nexon Electric Kolkata Police

Tata Motors is one of the first movers in the electric car business. In May 2022, the company reported EV wholesales at almost 3.5k units. It is only a matter of time until Tata Motors should be able to report EV sales at atleast 10 percent of total domestic passenger cars the manufacturer sells.

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