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Tata Nexon Electric Price Hike Up To Rs 60k – July 2022 Vs Old Price

Tata Motors Nexon EV and EV Max variants now cost more after July 2022 price increase; electric car sales on the rise

Tata Nexon EV Max Prices July 2022
Prices of all variants of Tata Nexon EV and Nexon EV MAX have been increased in July 2022

Nexon EV has done wonders for the auto manufacturer. Competing in a segment with little or no competition has given Tata Motors an early mover advantage. With serious EV adoption targets by the end of the decade, it’s only a matter of time until small electric cars become commonplace. But that day is not today.

Tata sells two passenger segment EVs, Nexon and Tigor. In June 2022, the company reported EV sales at 3,507 units. For the month, the auto manufacturer’s highest seller was Nexon. At 14,295 units sold, the bestseller includes Nexon EV sales too. 4,931 units of Tiago were sold, and this too absorbs Tigor EV sales.

Tata Nexon Electric Prices – July 2022

Tata Nexon XM EV now costs Rs 14.99 L, up from Rs 14.54L. Price hike stands at Rs 45k up at 3.09 percent. Nexon XZ+ EV is costlier by Rs 35k at Rs 16.30 L, up from Rs 15.95 L. Price hike is reported at 2.19 percent. Nexon EV XZ Plus Lux price hike at 2.06 percent makes the variant costlier by Rs 35,000, up at Rs 17,30,000, up from Rs 16,95,000.

Tata Nexon Electric Dark XZ+ now costs Rs 16.49 L, up from Rs 16.29 L at Rs 20k price hike, which stands at 1.23 percent increase. Dark XZ+ Lux is now priced at Rs 17.5 L, up from Rs 17.15 L. Price increase stands at Rs 35,000 at 2.04 percent.

Tata Nexon Electric Prices - July 2022
Tata Nexon Electric Prices – July 2022

Nexon EV Max variants costlier by Rs 60,000

Following a 2-month period since launch, price points are now steeper for Nexon EV Max. All variants are now costlier by Rs 60,000. Price increase for the 4 variants ranges from 3.12 percent to 3.38 percent.

The Max XZ+ 3.3 kW unit is now available for Rs 18.34 Lakhs, up from Rs 17.74 lakhs. xZ+ 7.2 kW variant is currently listed at Rs 18.84 L, up from Rs 18.24 L. XZ+ Lux 3.3 kW variant is priced at Rs 19.34 L, up from Rs 18.74 L. The range maxes out with XZ+ Lux 7.2 kW available at a price of Rs 19.84L, up from Rs 19.24L.

Tata Motors’ EV affordability

When it comes to an EV push, it’s easy to see why there isn’t going to be an overnight transition. While Tata Motors does sell EVs at an entry price point, they aren’t exactly cheap. And given the recent price hike announced by the manufacturer, its electric cars too are now a tad bit costlier.

In providing a car with a longer drive range, only recently, Tata Nexon EV Max was launched. The vehicle is certified to go 437 kms on a single charge as per ARAI certification. It relies on a larger 40.5kWh battery unit, and a 105 kW motor. EV Max’ max power output is reported at 143 PS, and torque at 250 Nm.

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