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Tata Nexon EV Owner Asks – Should He Take Delivery Of A Car Which Has Problem?

Tata Nexon EV buyers spots fault in the car before delivery
Tata Nexon EV buyers spots fault in the car before delivery

PDI pr Pre-Delivery Inspection is important in a car buying process, which will lead to peace of mind in ownership experience

Car buying is an experience which most of us remember all our life. For most, a car is an extension of themselves and even has sentimental values associated with them. Choosing a car is paramount and PDI is just as important, if not, more. In anticipation of delivery, many car buyers often don’t pay enough attention during PDI.

Recently, a Tata Nexon EV Max buyer took to Facebook and shared his experience. Rakesh Sahoo has booked a Nexon EV and before taking delivery, he realised that the gear selection dial is not working as expected. Dealer has assured a repair, but Mr. Sahoo is skeptical. Tata Nexon EV – India Facebook group members suggested he not take delivery and demand a different unit instead.

Should you take delivery of a car which has problem?
Should you take delivery of a car which has problem?

Why PDI Is Important – A crucial step

When the customer spots an issue, it is standard practice for dealers to fix them before delivery. That said, this route is only advised if the issue is trivial. In this Nexon EV’s case, the gear selector dial is an integral part of a vehicle’s working. Without this dial, driver can’t engage in drive, reverse, neutral, or park. In cases like this, it is always better to resort to a different unit altogether, rather than regretting it later.

Keeping this particular Tata Nexon EV Max aside, what is the general procedure to follow during PDI? Knowing what to do, what to look for, and where to look at, is everything. If you know a car buff or a mechanic who knows cars like the back of their hands, then it is advisable to take them with you. If not, here is a detailed checklist.

Top comments to the post
Top comments to the post

Checking Car Before Delivery – Exterior

1. Uneven shades of paint on various panels.
2. Scratches, dents and heavy swirl marks.
3. Tyre condition along with spare wheel and tyre.
4. Door opening and closing, central and remote locking.
5. Uneven panel gaps with respect to similar vehicles in the same yard.
6. Headlights, turn indicators, fog lights, DRL and tail lights operation.
7. Check for any blemishes in paint or even bird-dropping stains (those are tricky).
8. Hydraulic struts for bonnet (if applicable) and tailgate.
9. Inspect engine bay thoroughly. It should be spic and span in a new car.
10. Check if windshield and windows have weird spots and cracks. Inspect adhesive application for front and rear windshield as well.

Checking Car Before Delivery – Interior & Electricals checks

1. Tactility of all the buttons and switches for consistency.
2. Uneven panel gaps.
3. Rattling noises or squeaks and creeks.
4. Check every advertised feature and all should work correctly.
5. Play music system with all input sources and check for distortion in speakers.
6. Scratches, blemishes and other irregularities in the interiors.
7. Inspect all moving parts for smooth operation.
8. Infotainment and instrumentation should work as advertised.

Checking Car Before Delivery – Test Ride checks

1. Take a thorough test drive of your vehicle and compare it with a similar vehicle in the dealer yard for consistency.
2. Drive over a few rough patches to check for interior rattles, creaks and squeaks.
3. Rough patches will also reveal any potential suspension issues. Be it in tie rods, ball joints, or the strut itself.
4. Check for wheel alignment too.
5. Take your time. Insist on an executive to take the test drive with you. Take a longer route.

General checks

1. Check all documents like invoices, insurance policies, RTO registration receipts and payment receipts.
2. Warranty, extended warranty, or service package related documents (if any) of the vehicle and all the accessories (if any).
3. Owners manual, PUC (Pollution Under Control) document, RSA (Roadside Assistance) and the spare keys.

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