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Tata Nexon EV Owner Clocks 1.38 Lakh Kms In 2.5 Yrs – New Record

Nexon EV owner who has clocked 1.4 lakh km on his electric SUV, claims he is saving Rs. 10 per Km over his Audi Q3

Tata Nexon EV owner records 1.38 lakh kms mileage
Tata Nexon EV owner records 1.38 lakh kms mileage

If you’ve owned an Audi Q3, you would logically aim to upgrade to a bigger and more premium vehicle. Maybe an Audi Q5 or Q7 or even move to a three-pointed star. But it is unusual that an Audi Q3 owner has replaced his vehicle with a Tata Nexon EV. Not only that, this owner has covered 1.38 lakh km on his car in 2.5 years and set a new record in doing so.

Yes, he is Dr. Madan Kumar and he has clocked around 85,000 km within the first year and a half of ownership of his prized possession, Nexon EV. Dr. Madan Kumar is a laparoscopic surgeon. He actively works towards raising awareness in rural environments towards laparoscopic procedures and their advantages.

Tata Nexon EV Nears 1.4 lakh kms

He does a fair bit of commutes and is reflected in the almost 1.4 lakh km he has clocked till now. Just 20,000 km more to go to exceed Tata Motors’ official warranty criteria. Let’s dive into more details and how his Nexon EV fares against his previous vehicle Audi Q3 SUV.

For starters, Dr. Madan Kumar comes off as a total Tata fanboy during his brief interview with PlugInIndia channel. He uses Zeon’s fast-charging network only when absolutely necessary and prefers slow charging as it maintains battery health for a longer period of time. He swears by his Tata Nexon EV and all the way it has helped him to cut costs over his Audi Q3.

Tata Nexon EV owner records 1.38 lakh kms mileage
Tata Nexon EV owner records 1.38 lakh kms mileage

Even at 85,000 Km mark, Dr. Madan Kumar claimed he was getting a very good range of around 240 km. On that specific day, he commuted for a 190 km round trip and still had 21% SOC (State Of Charge) left in the tank. Health of an EV depends on user patterns and behaviors.

He explained how Tata’s one-pedal mode has helped him to drive calmer and more relaxed while preserving braking hardware and getting regen at the same time. Due to relaxed driving and slow charging, Dr. Madan Kumar has preserved his Nexon EV’s health even at 85,000 kms.

Rs 10 lakh savings on fuel cost

The main issue he has faced till now is the charger not locking in place during monsoons. This is said to be a known issue with Nexon EV and Tata is actively working on a solution. Maintenance cost of Nexon EV according to him is between Rs. 1,000 to 1,500 per 7,500 km interval and around Rs. 4,500 for coolant change. In fuel and old costs when compared to Nexon Petrol, Dr Madan has saved over Rs 10 lakh.

Dr. Madan Kumar claims he is saving Rs. 10 per km by driving a Nexon EV over his Audi Q3. This is a tall claim, but he simplifies it to make it understandable. This quote is in terms of tyres, maintenance, fuel and more combined. His Q3 tyres cost Rs. 90,000 per set and last for 30,000 km. Brake pads last just 25,000 km.

He claimed changing brake pads alone contributes to around Rs. 1.5 per km traveled, while it is Rs. 3 per per km for tyre changes. Add to it, insurance for a luxury car, and Madan claimed he was accountable for around Rs. 2 lakh every year even if he never drove his Audi. If taking Rs. 10 per km saving over his Audi Q3, for clocking 85,000 km, he saved Rs. 8.5 lakh. For 1.4 lakh Km mileage on his Nexon EV, he has saved about Rs 14 lakh over his Audi, which is close to what his Nexon EV costs. With just 20,000 Km to reach the warranty deadline, it would be interesting to compile his thoughts at this mileage.

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