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2021 Tesla Model Y Scores 5 Star Safety Rating In Crash Test By NHTSA

Tesla Model Y Crash Test
Tesla Model Y Crash Test

Model Y is the most affordable Tesla SUV one can buy – It sits below the Model X in the company’s SUV line-up

Vehicles from Tesla are known to feature some of the latest technologies available in the global automotive market. While Tesla does focus on bringing in next generation driving assistance technologies, like auto-pilot, Tesla has also been focusing on the safety aspect for all its products.

In a latest test by NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), the 2021 Model Y has achieved an impressive 5-star safety rating. Not only that, it is the SUV which has the lowest risk of rollover till date.


In case you are unaware, NHTSA happens to be an agency of the US federal government and is a part of the Department of Transportation. It is the same agency which even started the New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) back in 1979. Overall, NHTSA looks after reducing road-crash incidents and related fatalities. As a part of its safety test, NHTSA gives out Overall Safety Rating of a vehicle, along with results on Frontal Crash, Side Crash and Roll-Over performance.

2021 Model Y’s Rating

Tesla attributes the 5-star rating of the Model Y to its advanced architecture, which it shares with the Model 3 (which too got a 5-star rating in the past). The Model Y has been engineered to distribute the crash forces across the cabin, away from the vehicle’s occupants. 2021 Tesla Model Y has been equipped with crumple zones at both, front and rear, which further help to reduce the impact of a crash.

SUV’s due to their body types are known to have relatively higher roll-over risk. However, Tesla’s Model Y has earned a relatively very low roll-over risk of 7.9%. Interestingly, Model Y’s rollover risk %age happens to be the lowest risk recorded for any SUV which has been tested by NHTSA till date.

The reduced roll-over risk can be majorly attributed to the placement of heavy battery packs and motors towards the bottom of the vehicle, bringing the centre of gravity of the Model Y down, closer to the ground. Safety features like automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning and forward collision warning further help the Model Y with improved safety for its occupants.

Tesla in India

Tesla will mostly foray into the Indian market with the Model 3. However, considering the fact that Indians have a growing liking towards SUVs, Tesla might consider on bringing the Model Y at a later stage.

Coincidentally, as of 2020, it is electric SUVs which have been doing relatively the best in the EV segment. Majority of the EV market is dominated by vehicles like Tata Nexon, MG ZS and Hyundai Kona, all of which are SUVs.

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