Elon Musk tweets Tesla India launch by Summer this year

In an interaction on Twitter, Tesla head honcho, Elon Musk confirmed India launch plans.

Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari had visited the Tesla Motors’ factory near San Francisco last year. During the visit, the minister met top officials of the American EV maker and extended an invitation to set up a manufacturing factory in India with a local JV partner.

To make a convincing case, the minister also announced various sops including land parcel if Tesla decides to locate its plant in the country. Soon it was revealed that three Indian states are already working hard to get the attention of Tesla. These three states are – Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

2017 Tesla Model S
An export hub in Asia would be of strategic importance to Tesla.

But all this was talks was still taken by enthusiasts with a pinch of salt. But, a couple of hours ago, Elon Musk surprised Tesla fans in India by confirming that they are indeed working towards launching Tesla in India. Elon Musk tweeted – “Hoping for summer this year (Tesla India launch)”.

It is already known that Tesla is looking to set up an Asian manufacturing hub which would play a crucial role in extending its market presence in this part of the world. Reports suggested that the company officials are talks with authorities in China to set up a plant in Shanghai province. However, the company officials declined to comment on it.

Tesla Model X 2016 Geneva Motor Show
Tesla’s manufacturing presence in India would be influential in increasing the EV penetration in the local market.

If India manages to convince Tesla to establish a manufacturing facility in India, it would go a long way in increasing the acceptance of electric vehicles in the markets. As a part of the proposal, Mr. Gadkari also assured Tesla that he would make exports to other Asian markets from one of India’s well-established ports conducive.

A senior executive of Tesla stated that the company appreciates the Indian government’s offer of cooperation and added that the proposal will certainly be considered at an appropriate time in the future. The company also stated that India will definitely be a market for its next gen low-cost sustainable models.

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