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Tesla’s new OTA update makes Model S and Model X Performance faster

With this update, the Tesla Model S and Model X Performance also gain more endurance for back-to-back launches

To a true car enthusiast, electric cars can never be as engaging as a proper petrol (or even a diesel) car. However, one cannot deny the fact that electric powertrains are witnessing rapid development while ICE engines are inching towards their limit of advancement. Today, there are many EV brands with products that are arguably better or at least on par with their ICE counterparts. Notable examples include Rimac Automobili, Rivian, etc., but in the minds of the wider mass, Tesla would always be at the forefront.

Tesla, Inc., really set the benchmark for modern-day electric vehicles. The team under Elon Musk proved that electric cars are not supposed to be weird, quirky and undesirable but technologically loaded, good-looking (thanks to Franz von Holzhausen; except for the Cybertruck) and better than an ICE alternative coming in the same price range — if not for anything else, this stands true for the Tesla Model 3 Performance.

Tesla Model X Performance
Tesla Model X Performance

It is a bit difficult to list out all the advantages of a premium electric vehicle over a similarly-priced petrol or diesel model. However, the ability to receive new features and improved performance via an Over-The-Air or OTA update (like on a smartphone) is something which was an out-of-the-world thought during the time of ‘regular cars’. Now, a new update is on the way for the Model S and Model X ‘Performance’ models featuring the brand’s new Raven powertrain.

As per a tweet shared by Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee, the Tesla Model S Performance sedan’s 0-100km/h acceleration time comes down to 2.3 seconds while the figure stands at 2.6 seconds for the Model X Performance crossover. Meanwhile, quarter-mile times drop down to 10.4 seconds and 11 seconds, respectively. In addition to this, the cars receive more endurance for back-to-back launch controls. Tesla has already introduced a new ‘Cheetah Stance’ launch mode.

This is a free update and various reports state that the cars get almost 50bhp. Do take a moment to imagine your car, parked in the garage, getting a significant bump in output by connecting to your WiFi. Yes, automobiles have come a long way!

While we cannot blindly believe the statement that ‘electric cars can save the planet’, it is fair to say that emission-free modes of transport would be an important step in conserving the environment. However, there should be a balance between electric and ‘electrified’ or cleaner ICE engines to actually help Mother Earth. The reason is that in many developing nations, electricity is still generated using fuming coal power plants.


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