This is how Delhi's Thak Thak gang steal from your car - Video

This is how Delhi’s Thak Thak gang steal from your car – Video

The Thak-Thak Gang is so named as they knock on windowpanes of cars and loot and scoot even before the owners can realize they have been robbed.


A Delhi businessman was robbed of INR 3.5 lakhs by the Thak-Thak Gang in north Delhi’s Manju Ka Tila. Pradeep Singh, a resident of Vijay Colony in Burari was returning home with a bag containing the money kept in his Duster SUV.

He had parked on the side of the road to make an urgent call when two men knocked on his car window asking if they should clean his bonnet as oil had spilled on it. Even as Singh ignored the duo, they followed him and stopped him while they attacked him with a pepper spray. While Singh got out of the vehicle in search of water, the duo fled with the bag containing the cash.

The Thak-Thak gang operates around Delhi NCR area and is noted for a similar modus operandi. Delhites have been warned of such robberies and have been told to be wary of their ways of getting drivers to lower their car windows with stories of spilled oil and offers to wipe windshields.

Earlier last month, the Thak-Thak gang also decamped with INR 2 lakhs from a Moradabad based builder near Thakurdwara flyover. The victim, Sunil Arora was in his Range Rover when he was followed by two men on a bike. They stopped him and made off with the bag containing the money.

Another Delhi couple was also a victim to the gang. Ravinder Khari and his doctor wife Renu were on their way to Nainital in their Innova when they were robbed of INR 2 lakhs in cash and jewelry at the Mohan Nagar crossing. They were made to get down from their vehicle with a warning that Mobil oil was leaking from their radiator. As soon as he stepped out of the car to inspect the same, the bag was stolen.

Below is a video shot by an alert citizen, showing the audacity of these thieves. Not scared of stealing from a car during peak hours, in the middle of the road.