First look of The Grand Tour’s new tent studio

Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond have just completed their first studio shooting of The Grand Tour Show in Johannesburg, South Africa. Though primarily being conducted in a tent, the images reveal a large enough area with three off-roaders parked outside to show off its massiveness.

The three presenters are seated center stage around a table while audiences swarmed around them much on the same lines as the Top Gear Show.

The Grand Tour tent (3)

The tent bedecked with antique rugs and travelling cases looked more like a vintage hotel than a tent. It sported a distinctive program logo on the top which was viewed by helicopter while the three 4x4s parked in front were probably for use by the stars of the show.

The Grand Tour Show will move along with the tent to United States, United Kingdom and Germany. It is slated to be a 12 episode show in its first season while the trio has already signed up for three seasons.

The Grand Tour tent (5)

The first episode will go on air exclusive for Amazon Prime later this fall while exact date has not yet been disclosed. Amazon have reportedly given the show a budget of £160 million for the first three series (£4.5m/$6m/€5.4m per episode. The shooting went off without any snags even as there were fears that the schedule would be thrown off balance when Clarkson’s flight was delayed by 12 hours.


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