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The largest Boeing ever, meet 777-9X

This $400m Boeing 777-9X will be the world’s largest twin engine jetliner and first aircraft of the 777X family from Boeing. With a wingspan of 235 feet, 5 inches (71.8 meters), hinges are being affixed on the wing tips so as to fold up to fit into hangars or while moving across airport taxiways. The hinged wing tips measures 12 feet. The locking pins hold the wings in place to prevent them from folding while the aircraft is airborne.

The plant from where this plane is to be produced in Everett, is large enough to accommodate 25 football fields. Boeing 777-9X will have capacities to seat upto 400 passengers, 34 more as compared Airbus A350-1000, its closest competitor.

Cabin space is wider with larger windows which are 15% larger than competing airliners. The windows will be positioned at a height which will be at eye level for most travelers.

Boeing 777-9X has a range of 7,600 nautical miles (14,075 kms).

Powered by the largest and highly efficient twin jet engines, Boeing 777-9X is under development and set to enter production in 2017. Even then, 320 units have already been ordered to date. The prototype testing is slated to get underway sometime soon.

During first test flight, engineers plan to fine tune the design. Engineers state that the plane with its extra large wingspan will save an overall 12% more fuel than the Airbus A350. Boeing 777-9X has been in the pipeline for the past two years while the final basic design was recently announced.

With three years of production time, deliveries are expected to commence in 2020. Boeing has already bagged 306 orders with two thirds of the orders coming from Emirates ordering 150 units while Qatar Airways has booked 60 units.


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