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Three Wheeler, Rickshaw Sales Nov 2021 – Bajaj, Piaggio, YC Electric, Mahindra

Bajaj Rickshaw Sales Nov 2021
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Commercial vehicle sales increased by 13 percent on a YoY basis with growth seen across the MCV and HCV segments while LCV sales dipped

Three wheeler retail sales have been growing over the past months. Retails which had stood at 24,269 units in November 2020 increased 66.85 percent to 40,493 units in November 2021. It was also a significant growth over retail sales in October 2021 which had stood at 39,077 units.

Particularly noticeable was a definite shift towards electric vehicles not only in the three wheeler segment but also where two wheelers were concerned. Like the two wheeler segment, the three wheeler electric segment also benefits from state and central government subsidies along with the FAME II subsidy scheme. Together, this contributes to more competitive pricing of e-three-wheelers as against internal combustion engine (ICE)-powered vehicles.

Three Wheeler, Rickshaw Sales Nov 2021 – Bajaj Auto Heads

Bajaj Auto retails in this segment stood at 14,677 units in the past month, up from 8,862 units retailed in November 2020 and was the only three wheeler maker to note sales above the 10,000 unit mark. However, this increase did not give rise to market share which dipped to 36.25 percent in the past month, over 36.52 percent held in November 2020.

Bajaj Auto’s Maxima C has been much in demand. This three wheeler commands a 45 percent market share during the April-November 2021 period. It is regaled for its reliability and power. Maxima C is offered in two fuel variants – CNG and Diesel.

Three wheelers, Rickshaw Sales Nov 2021
Three wheelers, Rickshaw Sales Nov 2021 – FADA

Piaggio Vehicles Private Limited was the next best-selling commercial vehicle maker in India in November 2021 with 4,774 units retailed. This was a de-growth over 4,501 units retailed in November 2020. Market share dipped from 18.55 percent to 11.79 percent YoY. Demand was high for its all electric models – Ape E-City and Ape E-Xtra, which come in both fixed and swappable batteries.

Next on the list at No. 3, was YC Electric Vehicle with sales of 1,840 units in the past month, up from 892 units retailed in November 2020. Three wheeler makers Mahindra, Atul Auto and Saera Electric followed in quick succession with each posting significant YoY growth in retail sales. Mahindra Treo electric auto dominates the electric three wheeler market. Since its launch in India in 2018, the Mahindra Treo brand has sold over 10,000 units and is the country’s largest selling lithium-ion electric auto.

Atul Auto, Mahindra, TVS, Others

Atul Auto sales also increased to 1,400 units last month, up from 1,073 units retailed in November 2020. Saera three wheeler retails stood at 898 units, a significant growth over 338 units retailed in November 2020. TVS Motors (850 units), Mahindra Reva (835 units) and Champion Poly Plast (782 units) also posted a YoY increase in retail sales as did Best Way (660 units), Dilli Electric (604 units) and JS Auto (513 units).

NoRickshaw / 3W SalesNov-21Nov-20%
3YC Electric1,840892106.28
6Saera Electric898338165.68
7TVS Motor85065729.38
8Mahindra Reva835240247.92
9Champion Poly Plast782319145.14
10Best Way Agencies660200230.00
11Dilli Electric604294105.44
12JS Auto51325998.07
13Unique International456131248.09
14Thukral Electric44522498.66
15Terra Motors42224075.83
16Vani Electric41131530.48
17Mini Metro EV409170140.59

Lower down the order were Unique International and Thukral along with Terra Motors, Vani Electric and Mini Metro. There were other three wheeler makers who contributed 8,909 units to retail sales last month, up from 4,565 units retailed in November 2020.

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