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Top 10 150cc To 200cc Motorcycles Sep 2022 – Pulsar, Apache, R15, MT15

Honda X-Blade registered the highest YoY growth among 150cc-200cc motorcycle sales of 18433% as it had only sold 3 units a year before

Yamaha R15 S New Colour - Matte Black
Yamaha R15 S New Colour – Matte Black

September 2022 month for 150cc-200cc motorcycle sales was booming with 1,82,344 units sold while sales doubled from 90,821 units sold in September 2021 with volume growth of 91,523 units YoY. In the midst of the festive season, Pulsar series takes the lead in sales with 45,464 units. In contrast, Pulsar series sold only 14,785 units a year ago and 30,679 units a month before.

Pulsar numbers grew 207.5% YoY with 30,679 units gained in volume and holds a 24.93% market share of this segment. At 2nd place, we have Apache series from TVS that was found brooding at Bajaj’s neck with 42,954 units and registered a 5.64% YoY growth and 2,293 units of volume growth YoY. Apache series holds a 23.54% market share in this segment.

150cc-200cc Motorcycle Sales Sep 2022

Honda Unicorn 160 has surprisingly surpassed cumulative sales from FZ series lying within 150cc to 200cc and secured 3rd place on this list. From failing to cross 2,000 units in June 2022, to selling 36,161 units in September 2022, Unicorn has come a long way. Despite not getting any updates and a price hike of around Rs. 8,000. Impressive!

Unicorn 160 registered a 2501% YoY growth as compared to 1,390 units sold a year ago and gained 34,771 units in volume. Yamaha FZ series sold 20,453 units and witnessed a growth of 349% YoY with 15,903 units gained in volume. FZ’s market share in 150cc-200cc motorcycle segment stood at 11.22%.

150cc-200cc motorcycle sales September 2022
150cc-200cc motorcycle sales September 2022

Despite sharing platforms, R15 and MT 15 registered starkly different results in September 2022. R15 sold 9,550 units and when compared to 11,792 units sold a year ago, R15 figures declined by 19.01% YoY. MT 15 sold 8,102 units and with 2,514 units to beat, registered a 222.28% YoY growth. MT 15’s volume growth YoY stood at 5,588 units.

Hero Xpulse 200 took 7th spot with 5,772 units and saw 71.02% YoY growth in sales when compared to 2,397 units sold a year ago and gained 2,397 units in volume along the way. One would think that being the less expensive product in this segment from Hero, Xtreme 160R would sell more than pricey XPulse 200. That is not the case, though.

Xtreme 160R managed to sell 4,285 units and along the way, registered a 28.54% YoY decline when compared to 5,996 units sold a year before. 200cc products from KTM like 200 Duke and RC200 contributed 3,970 units in sales, up by 70.68% YoY when 2,326 units sold a year ago are taken into account.

X-Blade Saw 18433% YoY Growth

Suzuki’s underrated Gixxer series lacks behind rivals. With only 2,348 units sold between Gixxer SF150 and Gixxer 150, sales growth stood at 75.22% YoY. Bajaj Avenger 160 managed to sell 1,675 units in September 2022 and growth stood at 319.8% YoY. Volume growth stood at 1,276 units YoY.

Honda’s Hornet 2.0 and X-Blade sold 690 and 556 units each. Both machines registered positive growth. Hornet 2.0 grew 820% YoY from 75 units sold a year before and X-Blade grew 18433% YoY from just 3 units sold a year before. Honda’s CB200X pushed out 364 units and fell in the red with a decline of 73.76% YoY.

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