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Top 10 Best Selling Scooters Jan 2020 – Honda Activa leads

Scooter sales have declined across the range. Transition from BS4 to BS6 is believed to be the reason.

Keeping in mind the continual onslaught of sales slowdown, the top 10 selling scooters last month had to settle for 3.7 percent decline of overall volume. The top 10 had in January 2019 sold 4,23,725 units, which reduced to 4,08,062 units last month. The overall 15,663 units volume decline is not all that bad when considering sales in recent months.

At least the new year is off to not such a slow start. Honda Activa continues to rule the roost. Truth is there’s never been a rule fight. Activa’s success is epic to the extent that at times it outsells the top selling motorcycle. Sales growth is reported at 10 percent, up at 2,34,749 units up from 2,13,302 units. Volumes increased 21,447 units. Of course, the Activa 6G with BS6 has been launched, but Honda continues to sell BS4 Activa 5G.

NoBest Selling ScootersJan 2020Jan 2019Diff%
1Honda Activa2,34,7492,13,30221,44710.05
2Suzuki Access54,59554,524710.13
3TVS Jupiter38,68951,300-12,611-24.58
4Honda Dio32,65146,854-14,203-30.31
5TVS Ntorq20,64415,8364,80830.36
6Yamaha Fascino11,64712,493-846-6.77
7TVS Scooty Pep +5,1369,114-3,978-43.65
8Hero Pleasure4,23912,892-8,653-67.12
9TVS Scooty Zest3,0505,039-1,989-39.47

While Activa continues to be Honda’s bread butter, Access serves the same role for Suzuki. Though not quite as phenomenal, Suzuki Access sales are at about a fifth of Activa at 54,595 units. Sales is largely flat for the month from 54,524 units sold a year earlier. Both list toppers have in fact gained. The same isn’t true for TVS Jupiter. Sales decline is reported at almost a quarter at 24.58 percent. Having lost 12,611 units in terms of volume, TVS Jupiter sales is down to 38,689 units from 51,300 units.

Honda Dio too hasn’t had a great month. Sales decline is reported at 30.31 percent. Sales fell to 32,651 units, down 14,203 units from 46,854 units. While TVS has a number of products in the top 10 list and though these have small volumes, TVS Ntorq sold in the green. Sales growth is reported at 30.36 percent, up at 20,644 units, up from 15,836 units. That’s volume gain of 4,808 units, almost a third.

Yamaha Fascino sales though down isn’t backbreaking. Sales fell 6.77 percent, down to 11,647 units, down from 12,493 units at volume loss of 846 units. TVS Scooty Pep+ almost last half of its volume. Sales fell by 43.65 percent, down to 5,136 units from 9,114 units. Volume loss stands at 3,978 units. Hero Pleasure has lost a lot. Sales fell 67.12 percent, down to 4,239 units from 12,892 units. Volume loss amounts t 8,653 units.

TVS Scooty Zest is yet another loser. At 39.47 percent sales decline, sales fell to 3,050 units, down from 5,039 units. Volumes contracted by 1,989 units. Last on the list is the Vespa. Sales volume infect increased by 291 units. Sales growth is reported at 12.27 percent, up at 2,662 units from 2,371 units.

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