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Top 10 Electric Two Wheeler Sales H1 2022 – Okinawa No 1, Ola 3, TVS 7, Bajaj 9

Electric two wheeler retail sales figures are a small percentage of total two wheeler sales, but the segment is steadily showing an increase

2022 TVS iQube Electric Scooter
2022 TVS iQube Electric Scooter

Electric two wheeler sales started off this calendar year 2022 with a steady increase but have seen sales dip in the months of May and June 2022. Supply chain disruptions and some safety concerns could have led to this fall in sales which experts surmise could rectify in the months ahead. FADA has shared retail sales data fetched from VAHAN, for electric two wheelers sold in India from Jan to June 2022 – H1 2022.

Top 10 Electric Two Wheeler Sales H1 2022 – Okinawa at No. 1

Leading the E2W segment was Okinawa Autotech. The company has seen a steady increase in sales in the first four months of this calendar year increasing from 5,615 units in January to 5,923 units in February and then on to 8,285 units in March 2022. Sales went up to 11,012 units in April but dipped to 9,305 units and 6,981 units in May and June respectively. The company recorded total retail sales of 47,121 units in the first 6 months of this year. Their range includes Okinawa Praise, R30, i-Praise, Lite, Ridge Plus and Dual along with the recently launched Okhi90.

Ampere Electric retail sales have in fact seen a steady increase over the past 6 months. Starting off the year with 4,220 units in January 2022, sales increased to 4,305 units in Feb and to 6,341 units in March. Sales of 6,542 units were reported in April but dipped to 5,836 units in May only to recover to 6,541 units in June 2022. Total H1 retail sales stood at 33,785 units.

Retail sales of Hero Electric stood at 7,764 units in Jan 2022 dipping to 7,350 units in Feb but increasing substantially to 13,028 units in March to once again fall to 6,578 units in April and 2,851 units in May 2022. June 2022 retail sales improved to 6,503 units to take total H1 sales to 44,084 units.

Electric Two Wheeler Sales H1 2022 - FADA Retail
Electric Two Wheeler Sales H1 2022 – FADA Retail

With total retail sales of 41,994 units in H1, Ola Electric has seen sales steadily increasing from 1,105 units in Jan to 3,908 units in Feb and 9,140 units in March 2022. It increased to 12,703 units in April but dipped to 9,255 units in May and even further to 5,883 units in June 2022. Ather Energy (15,952 units) on the other hand, along with Revolt (8,462 units), have seen a steady increase in retail E2W sales over the past 6 months.

Electric Two Wheeler Sales Jan To June 2022

Total electric two wheeler retail sales stood at 27,590 units in Jan 2022. This was against 10,17,785 units of petrol two wheelers sold in the same month – EV 2W share was at 2.7 percent. Electric 2W retail sales increased to 32,458 units in February 2020 with two wheeler sales of 9,83,358 units in February 2022 with a 3.3 percent EV ratio. Sales of electric two wheelers in March increased significantly to 49,543 as against two wheeler retails of 11,57,681 units commanding a 4.3 percent EV ratio while in April, EV retail sales were at 49,189 units compared to two wheeler retails of 11,94,520 units with a dip in EV ratio to 4.1 percent.

Lower retail sales were noted in May and June down to 39,520 units and 42,262 units respectively as compared to total two wheeler retails sales of 12,22,994 units and 11,19,096 units. EV ratios stood at 3.2 percent and 3.8 percent respectively. Taking H1 retail sales of electric two wheelers into account, sales stood at 2,40,662 as against two wheeler retail sales of 66,95,434 units relating to an EV ratio of 3.6 percent.

Electric Two Wheeler Sales H1 2022 - FADA Retail
Electric Two Wheeler Sales H1 2022 – FADA Retail

There was also PUR Energy on the list with 9,531 units sold in H1 period. Total E2W retail sales of TVS Motor Company was at 8,670 units in H1 2022 with March sales being the highest at 2,269 units. Sales predictions look more favorable in the months ahead with the new iQube coming in with feature updates. TVS iQube is offered in 3 trims and priced from Rs 98,654 to Rs 1,19,663.

Bajaj Chetak saw sales increase only in the months of May and June taking total H1 sales to 7,394 units. Benling India sales have been dipping month after month to 5,792 units sold during the first 6 months of this calendar year. Jeetendra retail sales were at 4,217 units in the Jan to June 2022 period, Goreen (3,014 units) and Lectrix (1,638 units). Okaya EV Pvt. Ltd, a relative newcomer to this segment had sales of 779 units in the H1 period while Twenty Two Motors also entered the segment in June 2022 with 751 units sales. There were also Komaki, MEW and RGM that added a few units to retail sales along with others with retail sales of 52,548 units. 

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