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Top 10 Scooter Sales Nov 2020 – Activa, Jupiter, Access, Pleasure, Fascino

New Honda Activa 6G
New Honda Activa 6G

November 2020 top 10 scooter wholesales reported at double digit growth

In recent weeks, two-wheeler sales has been positive. This is especially heartening since business had come to a complete standstill at the start of FY21. However, pent-up demand and refocus on personal mobility options to stay safe in the times of Covid-19 pandemic worked wonders.

While folks settled into work from home schedules, there are many who depend on daily commute for a livelihood. With delivery in regard to pent up demand being carried out uninterrupted, the recently concluded festive season stood to be a great haul. Top 10 scooters’ cumulative sales is reported at 4,71,693 units. Sales growth stood at 12.11 percent, up from 4,20,743 units at volume gain of just over 50k units.

Nothing compares to Honda Activa scooter

As always, the top 10 scooters sold list is topped by Honda Activa. For the most part, sales in the top order is in the green barring 2 entrants. In Nov 2020, Honda Activa sales grew 6.44 percent, up at 2,25,822 units, up from 2,12,164 units at volume gain of 13,658 units. In the top order, Honda Activa claims a convincing share of 47.87 percent.

TVS Jupiter sits second on the list following considerable growth at 52.72 percent to claim 13.28 percent share. 62,626 units were sold. Up 21,619 units from 41,007 units sold a year earlier. Suzuki Access now sits third on the list, down from 2nd spot YoY. Sales fell 7.22 percent to claim just under 10 percent share. Units sold fell to 45,582 units from 49,128 units.

Top 10 scooter sales Nov 2020
Top 10 scooter sales Nov 2020

Honda Dio saw an even sharper decline at 18.05 percent. Sales fell to 34,812 units, down from 42,481 units. Volume loss stood at 7,669 units. TVS Ntorq sales were steady at 5.83 percent growth. Sales volume remained undisturbed at 28,987 units, up from 27,390 units. Volume gain stood at 1,597 units.

Hero MotoCorp scooter sales

Hero MotoCorp, a mighty name in motorcycles finds itself 6th, and 7th on the list with its Pleasure and Destini scooter. Pleasure sales grew marginally ay 6.67 percent. Units sold is reported at 19,707, up from 18,474 units to claim 4.18 percent share. Destini sales improvement was brilliant at a 100 percent. A low base in Nov 2019 at 7,744 units means sales last month grew to 15,515 units.

NoTop 10 ScootersNov-20Nov-19
1Honda Activa (+6%)2,25,8222,12,164
2TVS Jupiter (+53%)62,62641,007
3Suzuki Access (-7%)45,58249,128
4Honda Dio (-18%)34,81242,481
5TVS Ntorq (+6%)28,98727,390
6Hero Pleasure (+7%)19,70718,474
7Hero Destini (+100%)15,5157,744
8Yamaha Ray (+101%)15,2387,574
9Hero Maestro (+74%)12,4127,143
10Yamaha Fascino (+44%)10,9927,638
Total (+12%)4,71,6934,20,743

Yamaha Ray sales too grew in a similar manner at just over a 100 percent. In November 2020, 15,238 units were sold, up 101.19 percent from 7,574 units sold YoY. Volume gain stood at 7,664 units for 3.23 share.

Hero Maestro sales grew at 73.76 percent. Sales was up at 12,412 units, up form 7,143 units at volume gain of 5,269 units. Yamaha Fascino sales is up 43.91 percent. Sales is reported at 10,992 units. That’s up from 7,638 units at volume gain of 3,354 units.

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