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Top 10 Scooters Nov 2022 – Activa, Access, Jupiter, iQube Electric

TVS Jupiter lost as much as 30,000 units in sales MoM when compared to last month and surprisingly lags behind Suzuki Access

2022 TVS iQube Electric
2022 TVS iQube Electric

In the earlier post, we took a look at the top 10 two wheelers sales Nov 2022. In this post, we will take a look at the scooter sales for the last month. Scooter segment in India is on a positive note when sales are concerned. Within top 10 scooters charts for November 2022, Activa takes a massive lead again over its rivals. With 1,75,084 scooters sold in November 2022, Activa maintained dominance.

To put it into context, Activa sales were more than the 2nd to 8th highest-selling scooter sales combined. The top 10 scooters sales accounted for 3,69,526 units and saw 34.85% YoY growth when 2,74,026 units sold in November 2021 are taken into account. Volume gain collectively stood at 95,500 units YoY. With 1,24,082 scooters to beat from last year, Activa registered 41.1% YoY growth by gaining 51,002 scooters in volume. Activa holds 47.38% of market share out of the top 10 scooters.

Top 10 Scooters Nov 2022

Suzuki Access has outsold TVS Jupiter and has secured the 2nd spot. With 48,113 units sold, Access has gained 13.26% in sales YoY and 5,632 units in volume YoY. The most interesting developments among top 10 scooters in November 2022 is the figures registered by TVS Jupiter, which has been securing 2nd spot for a long time.

Jupiter sold just 47,422 units last month. In October 2022, Jupiter sales stood at 77,042 units and within a month, Jupiter has lost almost 30,000 units. When compared to 44,139 units sold last year, Jupiter saw 7.44% YoY growth by gaining 3,283 units.

Top 10 Scooters November 2022
Top 10 Scooters November 2022

Hero’s first entrant into this list is Pleasure which clocked 19,739 units in November 2022. When compared to 11,136 units sold a year ago, Pleasure gained 77.25% YoY with 8,603 units gained in volume YoY. It definitely looks like Pleasure had a lot of fun last month.

TVS’ second vehicle in the top 10 scooters list is the sporty NTORQ. It sold 17,003 units last month as opposed to 19,157 units sold a year before in the same time period. This way, TVS NTORQ became the first scooter on this list to register a negative growth of 11.24% and lost 2,157 units in volume.

TVS iQube Makes It To Top 10 Scooters

Honda Dio took 6th spot with 16,102 units sold last month. It is Honda’s second product on this list and it registered 88.95% YoY growth as opposed to 8,522 units sold last year in the same time period. Dio gained 7,580 units in volume YoY and has 4.36% of market share among the top 10 scooters.

Top 10 ScootersNov-22Nov-21Growth % YoY
1. Honda Activa1,75,0841,24,08241.10
2. Suzuki Access48,11342,48113.26
3. TVS Jupiter47,42244,1397.44
4. Hero Pleasure19,73911,13677.25
5. TVS Ntorq17,00319,157-11.24
6. Honda Dio16,1028,52288.95
7. Hero Destini15,4113,264372.15
8. Yamaha RayZR10,79512,344-12.55
9. TVS iQube Electric10,0566991338.63
10. Yamaha Fascino9,8018,20219.50

Destini sold 15,411 units and registered a positive growth of 372.15% as opposed to just 3,264 units sold in November 2021. Yamaha’s sporty RayZR and Fascino 125 scooters secured 8th and 10th spots with 10,795 and 9,801 units sold last month. Because RayZR sold 12,344 units and Fascino sold 8,202 units a year before, RayZR managed to witness a decline in sales by 12.55% and Fascino managed to gain by 19.5% YoY.

TVS iQube electric scooter makes it to the top 10 scooters list in November 2022 and breaks stereotypes. For the 2nd time in recent months, an electric scooter is breaking bread with its ICE rivals and has featured on the top 10 list. With 10,056 units sold, iQube saw the greatest YoY comeback as it witnessed 1338.63% YoY growth over just 699 units sold last year.

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