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Top 10 two wheelers July 2019 – Hero Splendor loses to Honda Activa

Despite a difficult start to Q2 FY2019-20, and in the receiving end of falling sales, Honda Activa has managed to overthrow Hero Splendor from the top spot. Having reported 14.94 percent sales decline, 2,43,604 units of Activa were sold in July 2019, down from 2,86,380 units sold in July 2018.

Hero Splendor, which finished June 2019 on No 1, slipped to 2nd position. In doing so, has lost 31.42 percent of its sales volume. Units sold are down to 1,78,907 units from a glorious 2,60,865 units sold in July 2018. Hero HF Deluxe sales decline stands at 7.66 units. Down to 1,69,632 units down from 1,83,694 units sold in July 2018.

Fourth on the list, Honda CB Shine sales growth stands at 9.75 percent. It’s one of few top 10 two-wheelers that’s managed to report growth last month. Sales stood at 94,559 units, up from 86,160 units sold in July 2018.

Hero Glamour retains 5th spot. Sales decline is reported at 4.55 percent. Sales is down to 71,160 units, down from 74,553 units sold in July 2018. Bajaj Pulsar sales decline is the leanest at 1.45 percent. Despite lower volume, it has gained a spot on the list and is up at 6th. Sales was reported at 62,469 units, down from 63,388 units sold in July 2018. TVS Jupiter sales decline stands at 13.36 percent, and features in 7th spot. Sales is down to 57,731 units, down from 66,632 units.

Bajaj Platina has gained much in terms of sales volume at 30.98 percent growth. Sales is up at 52,489 units, up from 40,074 units sold during the same month last year. Suzuki Access is the biggest gainer of the month at 0.72 percent sales growth. Sales is up at 51,498 units from 36,596 units sold in July 2018.

TVS Luna, a hall of famer on the list has secured 10th spot. The showing comes following 23.71 percent sales decline. Sales is down to 51,192 units, down from 67,106 units sold in July of 2018. Though the month hasn’t been great for most, performers at the bottom of the list have fared pretty well having both crossed the half a lakh sales mark last month.

When compared to June 2019 sales, the top 10 listers have cumulatively lost 8.18 percent in sales volume. The decline is down to 10,33,241 units in July 2019, compared to 11,25,253 units sold in June 2019. In a month on month comparison, sales volume is down to 11.34 units, down from 11,65,448 units sold in July 2018.

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