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Top 10 two wheelers June 2019 sales – Hero Splendor beats Honda Activa

Completion of Q1 of the current fiscal hasn’t provided a much needed respite the auto industry has been hoping for. The top ten two wheelers sold in June 2019 have mostly done so at a reduced number. Also, current buying trends have resulted in a shake up of the top 10 list.

Hero Splendor top the list with 2,42,743 units sold. Though it’s the highest selling bike, volumes have contracted from 2,78,169 units sold in June 2018. At the time it was the second best seller after Honda Activa. Sales decline is reported at 12.73 percent.

Honda Activa is second on the list of June 2019 sales at 2,35,739 units. This is way below it’s chart topping performance of 2,92,294 units in June 2018. Sales is down 19 percent. Hero retains third spot on the list with HF Deluxe, sales for which has in fact grown despite market contraction. June 2019 sales is reported at 1,93,194 units, up from 1,82,883 units sold in June 2018. Sales growth stands at 5.63 percent.

Top 10 Two wheelers India June 2019

Honda CB Shine is fourth on the list, up from 5th spot in June 2018. However, sales have declined to 84,871 units. Down 12.05 percent from 96,505 units sold in June 2018. Bajaj Pulsar sales stands improved at 5th spot at 83,008 units. Up 15.94 percent from 71,593 units sold in June 2018. In June 2018, Pulsar stood 6th in the list of top selling two-wheelers.

Hero Glamour is sixth on the list at 69,878 units. This is up from 9th spot in June 2018. Sales growth stands at 10.18 units, up from 63,417 units sold a year earlier. Bajaj Platina is a new name in the list at 7th spot. Sales stands at 56,947 units. And this is lower than tenth spot sales reported in June 2018.

TVS Jupiter finds itself 8th on the list but it’s sales volume is lower than that reported in June 2018 when it was listed at 10th spot. Sales is down 5.81 percent from 59,729 units to 56,254 units.

Hero Passion sales are hard hit at 56,143 units sold. Sales volume contraction has resulted in a 9th place spot on the list down from 4th spot. Sales decline is reported at 42.54 percent, down from 97,715 units sold in June 2018.

TVS XL Super manages to stay on the list at tenth spot with 52,253 units sold in June 2019. A year earlier it was listed 7th on the list. Sales decline stands at 21.20 percent, down from 66,314 units sold in June 2018. Total sales registered by top 10 two wheelers for June 2019 stood at 11,32,030 units as against 12,44,924 units sold in same period last month. This is a decline of 9%.

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