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Top 10 Two Wheelers Oct 2020 – Splendor Overtakes Activa With 20% Growth

Hero Splendor No 1
Hero Splendor No 1

Top 10 two wheeler wholesales grow in double digits for October 2020

Top 10 two wheeler wholesales for October 2020 are reported as remarkably higher than a year earlier. Sales grew to 14,14,567 units, up from 12,06,437 units at 17.25 percent gain. Volume gain is at 2,08,130 units.

Of this, the lion’s share goes to Hero Splendor, the country’s top selling motorcycle since ages. Sales is reported at 3,15,798 units, up 19.56 percent from 2,64,137 units at volume gain of 51,661 units. Sales reported accounts for 22.32 percent of total top sales.

Honda Activa, as usual remains the top selling scooter. While that reputation is difficult to match, Honda scooter sales has in fact taken quite a beating. In fact, it’s one of 3 in the list that’s reported a decline, with Activa’s sales contraction being most steep. Sales fell to 2,39,570 units at 14.83 percent decline, down from 2,81,273 units.

Despite losing volume of 41,703 units, market share remains formidable at 16.94 percent. Hero’s next volume turner, HF Deluxe enjoys similar market share at 2,33,061 units sold. Sales grew 25.47 percent at volume gain of 47,310 units, up from 1,85,751 units.

Top 10 Two Wheelers Oct 2020
Top 10 Two Wheelers Oct 2020

Bajaj Pulsar sales growth

Bajaj Pulsar series sales growth stood at 44.72 percent. Sales is up at 1,38,218 units from 95,509 units at volume gain of 42,709 units. Market share is at 9.77 percent. Honda CB Shine takes fifth spot at 1,18,547 units sold. sales grew 35.11 percent, up from 87,743 units at volume gain of 30,804 units. Market share stood at 8.38 percent.

TVS XL moped continues a positive run at 80,268 units sold. Sales growth is reported at 33.39 percent, up from 60.174 units. Volume gain of 20,094 units has ensured market share of 5.67 percent. Hero Glamour sales grew at a high 91.80 percent. Wholesales are reported at 78,439 units, up from 40,896 units. Volume gain stood at 37,543 units helping it secure 5.55 percent of the pie.

NoTop 10 Two WheelersOct-20Oct-19
1Hero Splendor (+20%)3,15,7982,64,137
2Honda Activa (-15%)2,39,5702,81,273
3Hero HF Deluxe (+25%)2,33,0611,85,751
4Bajaj Pulsar (+44%)1,38,21895,509
5Honda CB Shine (+35%)1,18,54787,743
6TVS XL (+33%)80,26860,174
7Hero Glamour (+91%)78,43940,896
8Hero Passion (+64%)75,54045,928
9TVS Jupiter (-1%)74,15974,560
10Bajaj Platina (-13%)60,96770,466
Total (+17%)14,14,56712,06,437

Closely contested bottom half

Hero MotoCorp takes eight spot with Passion. Sales grew a healthy 64.47 percent up at 75,540 units from 45,928 units with volumes growing by 29,612 units. This gave the motorcycle the much needed boost to stay close at just over 5 percent share just like the previous two place holders. TVS Jupiter scooter too reported similar sales share in the top 10 list but unlike the other 5 pointers, Jupiter sales are at a slight decline. Sales fell 0.54 percent having lost 401 units in volume. Sales fell to 74,159 units from 74,560 units.

The other big loser in the coveted list is Bajaj Platina. Sales fell 13.48 percent taking it’s share to 4.31 percent. Volume declined by 9,499 units at 60,967 units from 70,466 units a year earlier.

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