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Top 10 Two Wheelers Sep 2022 – Splendor, Activa, Pulsar, Jupiter, Apache

Top 10 two wheeler sales in September 2022 grew marginally; Hero Splendor maintain lead as bestselling motorcycle

TVS Apache
TVS Apache

Cumulative wholesales for Top 10 Two Wheelers Sep 2022 grew marginally. At 2.57 percent growth, sales were up at 11,73,214 units from 11,43,810 units. Volume gain stood at 29.4k units.

Yet again Hero Splendor stood atop the sales chart at 2,90,649 units. At 4.82 percent growth, up from 2,77,296 units, volume gain stood at 13,353 units. Given the sheer volume of Splendor sales, the model accounted for almost a quarter of all sales in the top 10 list.

Two Wheeler Sales Sep 2022

Splendor is closely followed by its one true nemesis, the evergreen Honda Activa. While motorcycles dominate the sales chart, Activa has broken through such cliches and established itself as a top two-wheeler choice, generation after generation. In fact, its sale potential is so high, it’s the only 2W that has on occasion outsold Splendor.

Honda Activa sales last month barely gained at 2,45,607 units, up from 2,45,352 units. Volume gain stood at 255 units. The most sold scooter’s market share at the top of the order stood at about 21 percent.

Top 10 Two Wheelers Sep 2022
Top 10 Two Wheelers Sep 2022

Honda CB Shine further helps strengthen the manufacturer’s strong position in the marketplace. CB Shine motorcycle sales were up marginally at 2 percent. Sales stood at 1,45,193 units up from 1,42,386 units at volume gain of 2.8k units.

Bajaj Pulsar sales visibly improved. In fact, its gain is the highest in the top order. This however is on account of YoY low base sales. Pulsar wholesales in September 2022 stood at 1,05,003 units, up from 57,974 units. Volume gain stood at 47,029 units at 81.12 percent growth. Hero HF Deluxe sales fell by 30.43 percent. Volume loss stood at almost 41k units as sales fell to 93,596 units from 1,34,539 units.

Jupiter, Apache, Access sales

TVS Jupiter scooter is the brand’s bestseller these days. Its sales are stronger than the Apache series as well as XL 100, which at one time was the undisputed sales topper for TVS. Jupiter sales grew handsomely at 46.25 percent, up at 82,394 units from 56,339 units. Volume gain stood at 26k units.

Top 10 2WheelersSep-22Sep-21Growth % YoY
1. Hero Splendor2,90,6492,77,2964.82
2. Honda Activa2,45,6072,45,3520.10
3. Honda CB Shine1,45,1931,42,3861.97
4. Bajaj Pulsar1,05,00357,97481.12
5. Hero HF Deluxe93,5961,34,539-30.43
6. TVS Jupiter82,39456,33946.25
7. Bajaj Platina73,35482,559-11.15
8. TVS XL 10047,61361,664-22.79
9. Suzuki Access46,85145,0404.02
10. TVS Apache42,95440,6615.64

Bajaj Platina sales fell 11 percent. Down at 73,354 units from 82,559 units, volume loss stood at 9.2k units. TVS XL100 sales are down at 47,613 units from 61,664 units. Volume loss stood at 14k units at 22.79 percent decline.

Suzuki Access is the brand’s lone representative in the top order. Its success in recent months has seen Suzuki 2W sales go from strength to strength. Wholesales grew marginally at 46,851 units, up from 45,040 units. Volume gain is reported at 1,811 units at 4 percent growth. TVS Apache sales were just shy of 43k units, up from 40,661 units. Volume gain stood at 2,293 units at 5.64 percent growth.

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