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Toyota Fortuner vs Ford Endeavour vs Skoda Kodiaq – 2018 sales comparison

It’s no secret that Toyota Fortuner sales eclipse other contenders. A niche segment in many ways Toyota Fortuner sales was the strongest in Q1 of 2018 when the company sold 6,022 units. Ford’s efforts for the period pale at 1,835 units, and the 568 units of Kodiaq offered no competition.

While Q2 2018 sales dipped for Toyota Fortuner at 5,882 units, it was still miles ahead in terms of sales. Ford Endeavour sales for the period were reported at 1,288 units, and Skoda Kodiaq at 509 units.

Q3 sales for Toyota Fortuner dipped further to 5,242 units. Ford Endeavour sales continued to trail far behind at 1,465, and Kodiaq sales were reported at an all time low of 312 units for a quarter. Q4 sales was the lowest of all quarters in the year for Toyota Fortuner sales. 4,654 units were reported sold. 1,656 units of Ford Endeavour were sold, and 536 units of Skoda Kodiaq.

Ford reported almost identical sales in H1 and H2 at 3,123 units and 3,121 units. Ford Endeavour sales in H1 are reported at 11,904 units whereas H2 sales were at 9,896 units. Skoda Kodiaq sales too were marginally better in H1 at 1,077 units, while H2 sales are reported at 948 units.

In all, 21,800 units of Toyota Fortuner, 6,244 units of Ford Endeavour, and 2,025 units of Skoda Kodiaq are reported sold in 2018. Mahindra Alturas G4, the late segment entrant sees sales reported at 216 units in November, and 140 units in December 2018.

Toyota Fortuner is expected to face competition in the full size SUV segment in the form of the new Mahindra Alturas G4 but that’s not clear and present danger yet. While Alturas brings some upheaval in its segment with its outstanding features and competitive pricing, it’s too early to discuss any effect it would have on Toyota Fortuner sales, which makes it sit comfortably on top of the segment.

Toyota Fortuner sales have been more or less consistent through the past year, gaining it a position at the top of the sales charts. Mahindra Alturas came in at an aggressive pricing of Rs.26.95 lakhs. Toyota Fortuner is priced from Rs.27.27 lakhs, while the Ford Endeavour carries a price tag from Rs. 26.82 lakhs.

Toyota Fortuner is offered in petrol and diesel engine options. The 2.7 litre petrol engine offers 164 bhp power and 245 Nm torque while the 2.8 litre diesel engine is capable of 174 bhp power and 420 Nm torque mated to manual and automatic gearbox options. Ford Endeavour is available in a 2.2 litre and 3.2 litre diesel engine. The former offers 160 PS power and 385 Nm torque while the 3.2 litre engine is capable of 200 PS power and 470 Nm torque mated to 6 speed automatic gearbox. Mahindra Alturas is available in 4×2 and 4×4 variants. It is powered by a 2.2 litre diesel engine producing 178 hp power and 420 Nm torque mated to a Mercedes Benz sourced 7 speed automatic transmission.

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